Sunday, February 11, 2007

Scrapbook Share

Per my sweet cousin Ky-Ky's request, here are some scrapbook layouts that I recently completed. Tatiana's 5th birthday page seemed to take me forever. I swear I started it last fall & finished everything except the journaling. Don't know why that part took me so long. Our anniversary pictures have been languishing in my to-do pile for some time as well. Seems like since knitting entered the picture, scrapbooking has fallen by the wayside. Here goes anyways:
Road Trip
{Journaling} I gave up on the notion of a perfect anniversary weekend. Our cottage wasn't what I expected. The weather was dismal. In the end, those details didn't matter. We had a cozy fireplace, a splendid day in Holland, & plenty of unique coffee shops to visit. Most importantly, we had each other. Perfect after all.

*There is kind of a doodled line border that got cut off around the edge with little hand drawn stars here and there. I am a poor scanner/stitcher I guess.*

Fabulous @ 5
{Journaling} 12: number of kids at Tatiana's birthday party 11: months spent planning CareBears theme, Approximate days since emergency appendectomy: 65, 4: weeks left til beginning homeschooling kindergarten, Tatiana owns about 13 CareBears and nearly the same # of pajamas, 1826: days we've been blessed to have her in our lives

*It's kind of a play on numbers which I think is so fun!*

Hope your weekend was lovely!

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Beth said...

The "Tati" page is very cute! I like the numbers thing...most of them that is...ha ha! JK!