Monday, February 26, 2007


I am moved. I came across this video on a blog I frequent:

Crystal was discussing the movie Amazing Grace. Have any of you seen it? I think it just came out last Friday. I honestly rarely go to the movie theatre ($$$$), but if it's for something really awesome then I would go. I so enjoyed this video too of the story of Amazing Grace. I think it is miraculous how God stirred the heart of one man, John Newton, and the legacy he left with ONE song. Have you ever felt like you couldn't do anything great for God? I mean, maybe something small, but nothing magnanimous because you are just one woman, or one set of hands, or you would just be helping one person. I can't imagine that when Mr. Newton penned that hymn that he could've ever fathomed the impact that his simple heartfelt words would have. I am inspired one man and one song.


Anonymous said...

Truly touching.

Hollie said...

Wow... what an awesome video, and better yet what an awesome message it gives! I have felt like I couldn't do anything great for God many times! I don't know if you've heard the song "Little is Much" by a group called Downhere, but I wanted to share the lyrics of the song with you because I think they fit your question pretty well!

What is the measure of a life well lived
If all I can offer seems too small to give
This is a song for the weaker, the poorer
And so-called failures

Little is much when God's in it
And no one can fathom the plans He holds
Little is much when God's in it
He changes the world with the seeds we sow
Little is much, little is much

Who feels tired and under-qualified
Who feels deserted, and hung out to dry
This is a song for the broken, the beat-up
And so-called losers

Consider a Kingdom in the smallest seed
Consider that giants fall to stones and slings
Consider a child in a manger
Consider the story isn't over
What can be done with what you still have

Thank you for sharing this with us today!

Anonymous said...

Wow...that really struck a chord.
(Now I'm all misty-eyed.)