Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Dad's Day!!

To all the really special guys in my life: happy dad's day! Do something you enjoy today. Kick back a little. Let ME serve YOU. Oh wait, I pretty much already do that. Well, relax a little more then. I made Rick a special little South Beach breakfast this morning, complete with sun-dried tomato chicken sausage and multi-grain sourdough bread from Trader Joe's. I mean, you didn't think a gourmand would be serving plain ole bacon & eggs, didya?Speaking of Trader Joe's, a made a run the other day to pick-up some goodies. I *love* that place!Here are some of the goodies I picked up:I served the Bruschetta at a party & it was all the rage. The entire jar was gobbled up before m very eyes. I picked up a couple extra jars just to keep on hand for the spur of the moment dinner party or for a little amuse-bouche for Rick & I. In addition to the finds above, I got a container of Lobster Bisque (kinda reminds me of the lobster fondue at Red Lobster), some IGF Maryland crab cakes, a package of heat-n-eat orange chicken (looks yum), some lobster ravioli (can you tell I'm in a seafood phase), a loaf of multi-grain sourdough bread and a wedge of aged super sharp white cheddar. We DID (past-tense emphasis here) have a bag of white cheddar Pirate Booty, but the kids ate half the bag while I browsed in the store & polished off the rest of it the following day. I guess the reason I get so much of their seafood stuff is because it's probably not something I would make at home. I'd make just about any chicken/beef/pork dish, but fresh seafood is kinda hard to come by. They have so many great frozen items to choose from. Anything from IGF salmon to little french appetizers to dim sum to italian desserts. Awesome stuff to keep on hand for when you're having company. I'll let you know how my treasures pan out.

As it relates to my previous post, I did end up ordering Battle Cry for a Generation by Ron Luce from Amazon the other day. Can't wait to read it.

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