Friday, June 16, 2006


Dear Blog~

I am disturbed. This is not really the type of post I want to share with you after an almost 2 week absence (yikes!), but it definitely is worthy. Normally I share about *warm and fuzzy* topics like my two adorable children, freshly baked comforting goodies, and household tips, with a little bit of "what I did over the weekend" thrown in. NOT TODAY. I had a dream about Teen Mania last night, which prompted me to take a little visit to their website. I looked around for a little bit, saw an unfamiliar term in their forums "Battle Cry", and didn't really give it a second thought. My blog-hungry brain decided to google "teen mania blog" and I really got more fodder than I bargained for. Opinions abounded regarding "Battle Cry" and I don't even know what to think of it. The way all the editorials read make me wonder whether Ron hasn't really gone off the deep end this time or if those writing these comments are purposely giving it a negative spin. Christian facism? Alikening teens at the battle cry rallies to Hitler youth? Ron declaring a blitzkreig? You can read one of the opinion pieces I'm referring to here. You can also visit Battle Cry's website here. It's funny that some of the responses seem to condemn Ron Luce for insisting that we *gasp* take the Bible literally. Ok, well, I believe that. Um, and yes, I do believe abortion is wrong AND homosexuality AND pre-marital sex. Oh wait, I think I see Ron going for the deep end.....wait for me!!

More on this topic later....

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Mon said...

I also believe we should take the bible literally. God WAS, IS and ALWAYS SHALL BE. He is never changing nor is his word. There is a spiritual battle going on, that we must me aware of.