Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Madison in Review

The Rios Family had a wonderful weekend! Sienna went for a sleepover to Babcia's house, while Rick, Tatiana & I headed up to Madison, WI. It was gorgeous. I said, "let's move here". No wonder it's ranked one of the best places to live {and cycle~#1 by Bicycling magazine in March 2006}. The architecture was amazing. The city was so clean and lively, with a variety of shopping, restaurants, and activities to choose from. The weather was absolutely perfect. PERFECT. We checked in at our hotel at about 3:30 pm, then went downtown for some shopping. It was so neat to be driving towards the city, then have the Capitol building come into view. So COOL. I stopped in to a couple of neat shops and admired all the different buildings we passed. There were so many cute coffee shops, I wished I could've gone into them all! We ended at the Capitol building, where people were talking, relaxing, playing frisbee on the Capitol lawn. The three of us took some photos on the Capitol steps next to a bronze statue. Tatiana even managed to catch a great one of Rick & I being silly together. It was approaching dinnertime so we passed by a few restaurants before I settled on The Old-Fashioned. I knew I was in the right place when I saw that they were a member of the Slow Food movement. The menu was incredible, with so many local ingredients! They had several cheese platters to choose from so Rick & I indulged in one together. Rick ended up ordering a turkey sandwich and I got a burger. Awesome burger too, with melted cheddar, a handmade garlic spread, and hickory smoked bacon. This bacon was REAL meat. It was like 1/4" thick. SWEET! We both got side salads served with house brandy vinaigrette. Tatiana got macaroni and cheese~this was the real deal though with aged Wisconsin cheddar. YUM! Then we went back to the hotel for the long-awaited {at least by Tatiana} swim session. She couldn't wait! What a fish. After our swimming & hot-tubbing, we went back to our room and ordered Cheaper by the Dozen 2. It was such a cute movie. Tatiana enjoyed it so much & I even teared up at the ending. The next morning was the start of Rick's big day. The long awaited bicycle races. Tatiana and I went for breakfast at Panera Bread Co. and then met dad to watch his second 40 minute race. He ended up dropping out of his 9 am race 15 minutes in, but thanks to our cheering, managed to finished the entire second race. He finished towards the back, but definitely not dead last. It was so much fun to watch. Slight breeze. Lots of sunshine. It was such a great weekend. So nice to spend some special Tati-time, doing the things she likes to do & not having to cook or clean. I can't wait to do it again....

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