Monday, November 23, 2009

Home Ec Breakfast

Our home economics lessons have included a simple introduction to nutrition, how to use a peeler (I also supplemented with some knife skills), and last Friday, our lesson was on using a toaster. I love how thorough the instructions are (i.e. don't forget to dry your hands after washing and count to twenty before removing the toast from the toaster). The featured recipe was for Cinnamon-Sugar Toast, which proved to be easy enough for my student to prepare and delicious enough for all the kids to enjoy!

In case you want your little ones to try this at home, it's as easy as mixing up some cinnamon sugar (about 1/4 c. and 1/2 t. cinnamon more or less) and spreading some butter on fresh toast. The lesson also has the parent checking the toaster settings, making sure the child has washed his/her hands before preparing the meal, counting to 20 before removing the toast, and waiting 5 minutes before putting the toaster away. This makes for an easy cooking lesson and a quick & tasty breakfast.

Do your kids spend a lot of time in the kitchen with you?

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Jill Smith said...

Hey Becki,
Gabriel's only two, and I love sitting him up on the counter while I make something. We talk about how much of this and that to add and he helps me pour whatever needs to be poured into the bowl and stir. Gotta be careful with the stirring. Once, he stirred a little too hard and whatever it was I was making went all over the counter.