Monday, October 19, 2009

11 and Counting

appropriately subtitled, "How I spent my anniversary"

Just because we are low in the funds department did NOT mean we had to keep our anniversary celebrating to a minimum! Last Friday was the actual anniversary day, which coincidentally, we were also married on a Friday so it was neat to see the days line up perfectly! I loved being able to say "At exactly this time eleven years ago we were.....". I served Lasagna Spirals for our family lunch and was planning on making some Chinese food for the Hubs and I for dinner, but on the spur of the moment, we decided to take our Chinese on the road and share it with some friends.

Remember the days when you were still dating and you would just up and decide to go here-and-there or drop by a friends' house or just stay up late hangin' out or playing games?? Well, it kinda felt like that. It was great! Both of our families put our wee ones to bed and then the grown-ups played a mean game of Phase 10, while the other chitlins played Uno and watched movies. When we realized that it was already 10 pm, it was time to head out and put our munchkins to bed. Next time, we're doin' a sleepover ya'll!

Saturday saw our kids head off to grandmas to give Mom and Dad some much needed alone time. We used a Red Lobster gift card (with coupon!) to enjoy our selves a quiet lunch. We did some window shopping too: JoAnn's for me and Guitar Center for him, then browsed at Target, picking up a couple of gifts with gift cards as well. We hit the library right before closing time to get ourselves a couple of free movies, which we enjoyed with some late night pizza from the freezer and IBC root beer (my favorite!) that had been stashed away in the fridge. We went to bed early *grin* and slept in late...well, at least I did.

So, we spent hardly any money to celebrate our 11th year of marriage. But really, you can't put a price tag on great conversation and buckets of laughs. There's been lots of ups and downs these last eleven years, especially this last year.

But ya know what else is priceless?

Knowing that there's no one else that I rather be on that roller coaster with.


Peaceful Chaoz said...

So Sweet, Happy Anniversary a little late! What a wonderful way to spend it and am so happy about the much needed laughter!!

Wow can't beleive its already been 11 years!!! We're gettin old ;0)

chadandnikki said...

Congrats on the anni. Praying for you guys.

Andrea said...

Awesome, Bex! That last line made me cry. I just told my sister something similar. All marriages have their ups and downs because that's how life is. I think one key is finding someone who you really want to be with even in the worst of times.

Really great ideas on celebrating the anniversary without spending a lot.

Stephanie said...

We are totally up for the sleepover! We had a blast and are so thankful for your friendship. And we're honored that you would think of spending your big day and sharing your chinese dinner with us. We can't wait for the next night full of laughter. :-)

And Saturday sounds fun [and frugal] as well. But window shopping at JoAnn's sounds impossible to me... How did you do it?!? ;-)

P.S.: I found Sebastian's cup this time. :-)

stephanie said...

I'm laughing because between my posts and your posts,we should start a blog together called, How to do Almost Anything with Little or No Money! I'm so glad you got to enjoy your anniversary! It sounds perfect, all the things I would like to do, with my hubby. Love and many prayers to you!

Amber said...

Congrats on 11 years! ;-)

Beth said...

Happy Anniversary! I am glad you we able to celebrate and have a good time!

Jill Smith said...

Happy Anniversary! Some of the best times I've had with my husband involved NOT spending money. It's refreshing to see more good times can be had when funds are low.