Monday, December 22, 2008

Not One

But many.

I'm glad I decided to share about my financial situation. I hesitated,
believe me, for many reasons. My prayer, now, is that my God would glorified for all the ways that He has taken care of us through the willing spirit of others. And although I had one large Christmas miracle in mind, please enjoy with me the many miracles He has graced me with:

  • My mortgage is paid for January, along with my credit card payments, thanks to the best mom ever. I was also able to perform some "creative financing" with my mortgage payment, which I had been specifically praying for.
  • My sister-in-law paid for $100 worth of groceries for us and also passed along an extra $100 to use for bills.
  • My other sister-in-law will be paying my heating bill.
  • A Christian friend at my sister-in-law's work, someone whom I only met once briefly, gave us a Wal-Mart gift card, along with the message that "this is only the beginning". I could've hardly imagined a near perfect stranger opening her heart & pocketbook to us.
  • A friend called to say that even though she has very little, as her husband is out of work as well, she will be sending us $40. You are like the widow in the Bible who gave two tiny coins, recognizing the need to hold money lightly, willingly & lovingly giving it away.
  • Many people, perhaps even some of you, have been praying for us. This means more to me than you can know. Specifically, you can pray for Hubby to get his CDL quickly and for our business to obtain more customers. Also, pray for His specific will as it relates to Hubby getting another job. We are asking Him for a second shift position which would allow our business to continue. For me, I sporadically feel well, but more often than not, I am plagued with nausea. My spirits are lifted though, knowing that I will be able to continue to live in my home, even if it will be for only another month. I have applied for several forms of government assistance, so I ask that those would come to fruition quickly.
I am blessed beyond measure this holiday season, more so by the loving hearts of the people I know, whether only in the blogosphere or in real life, than by any amount of money or help you could ever give. No amount of thanks could express my gratefulness. You are storing up treasures in Heaven. Be blessed!


Anonymous said...

Do you have a job? If so, hopefully that helps. If not,try getting one. It will help your problem.

Hopefully, "GOD" will help you.

Peace out

Anonymous said...

One more thing... how are you going to afford another child??

Rebecca said...

Dear anonymous ~

I'm not sure if you read the comment introduction posted above the comment box, but while I find your comments less than caring, I figured I would dignify you with a response nonetheless. Yes, I do have a job. Although it is highly challenging and a very important position, unfortunately it is strictly pro bono work. My current career leaves me little time for an additional part-time job. God has helped us, in case you completely overlooked the main point of this post.

As to how I will afford another child, the answer is simple. One dollar at a time. The same way you afforded your last vacation or your new car, except after 5 years I will have more than a souvenir or a vehicle with too many miles on it. A child is an investment that has the greatest return possible.

Hope that answers your questions. Be assured that next time, I'll be quicker to hit the delete button.