Thursday, December 04, 2008

525, 600 Minutes

Otherwise known as a year in the life. A year in our life since the day that Sebastian Judah joined our family as our third-born child and first-born son. I think this has been the shortest first year of any child thus far.

:: just a few weeks old ::

Maybe it's because our lives are so different now, what with homeschooling and a work-at-home husband. Maybe it's because he was born during the chaos of a holiday season, between Thanksgiving and Christmas, upon the brink of my second daughter's 3rd birthday and my 30th birthday, causing those first few months to just fly by all too quickly. Maybe it's because my first-born is older now and such a big help and little mommy to my baby. Maybe it's simply because I now realize how fleeting and precious these childhood days are and the tighter I hold on to them, the quicker they slip through my fingers.

:: five months old & going for his first walk outside ::

Sebastian is still clingy, although no longer requires being in my arms to fall asleep. He loves his "chupy", although that too is not quite as necessary as it once was. He can feed himself, entertain himself, and is quite the opportunist when it comes to getting into things he's not supposed to. He has yet to take his first steps, being quite content with crawling. He seems to have a good sense of humor {a prerequisite in
this family} and loves tickles under his chin. Nothing can get me smiling quite like that huge goofy grin of his, showing off his eight big teeth.

:: nine months old & looking like a little fella ::

His first birthday is bittersweet. Happy for all the growing he's done, sad that the "tiny" baby I held has gotten bigger, excited for all the new experiences in the coming year. First steps, first words, first discoveries are all waiting for their perfect moment.

:: today ::

Happy first birthday Spuddy! Mommy loves you more than words can say.


the voice of melody said...

Aaaah, what a cutie pie he is! You're right, time does go by so fast it seems, especially when we're trying to hold on to our babies being babies! :)

Peaceful Chaoz said...

YEA!!! Happy Birthday to the little man!! :0)

Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness. A year already?! That did go fast! I don't think I've seen him since I brought your meal over when he was a newbie! Crazy!

That smile would get me too! ;-)

Anonymous said...

What a cutie! A year does go by quick. I also think the more you have the faster it goes.