Saturday, December 06, 2008

Christmas in Progress

Well, seeing as Christmas is only about, oh 19 16 days away, I figured I better start checking things off of my to-do list. It's been kind of difficult because Thanksgiving was my focus for so long & now Sebastian's first birthday party is looming. I figure if I can at least do a few things this week, it will make my life {a little} easier later on. Here's a sneak peak of a project that will, I believe, end up being a gift for many family members this year. I'll probably tweak a few of the photos based on who the recipient is.

It is a CD case calendar, made using a kit I purchased here. The templates are all so beautiful, I had a hard time deciding which one to use. Since nearly everyone has a desk, I figured the CD case idea would work out for many folks.

The tree is up! The plethora of Christmas knick-knacks are waiting on the mantel to be placed in there rightful spots. I guess I'll be working on that today.

I purchased a few more gifts the other day, have many things on the way from amazon & updated my Christmas list so I can start buying more gifts. The pathetic part is that I have the money set aside for gifts, I just haven't had the time & energy to go shopping at multiple stores. I think my indecisiveness might be a problem too. What I find something even better at the next store? I want to be diligent in using God's money well, which is why I put so much thought into the things I buy.

The girls have a Christmas program next Sunday at church, so I plan to snap some pictures of them {and the little fella} to make into a holiday card. I'm thinking of using this set here. Perhaps I can pre-address all the envelopes so that all I have to do is have the photos printed, insert & send! Yes, good idea. I think I'll do that.

The actual "getting together" part of the holidays is pretty much decided. Planning when and where we will be going has been a dramatic process {to put it lightly}, but not because it was our desire to have it that way. I am wishing we could just NOT GO ANYWHERE {did I say that? I guess I was just thinking out loud...} and hunker down in our jammies all day in front of a fire & eat homemade food & enjoy each other's company. Maybe I will have to plan a specific day for just that purpose......

Enough about me. How's your holiday "stuff" coming along? All ready?


Andrea said...

Love the calendar pages! That will make a really nice gift.

I have to ask you. If I don't have photoshop elements installed and I download something from shabby shoppe, will I still be able to use it? I don't want to download something and then not have a program to run it in. And I can't use pse at the moment because it takes up too much RAM on our already over-burdened laptop. It is SO SO slow. I've thought of a workaround with using a free trial of MS publisher but I don't love it as much as I love the more scrappy look. The other issue is that for some months, I have more like 10 pictures and I have to use all of them because everyone whose birthday is in that month goes on the page. Thanks so much for your help! Really appreciate it.

Peaceful Chaoz said...

So why don't you hunker down, and eat homemade goodies and just be family this year? Nothing wrong with telling people no ;0)

Rebecca said...

@Andrea: The answer, unfortunately, is No. You'd have to have some sort of photo editing program where you could drag & drop the photos to where they need to go. I hear what you mean about the 10 pictures/birthday thing. On a bigger format calendar, I could make a collage for you that you could use in place of just one photo. On the small CD case calendars, the pictures are already pretty small to begin with. Computer geek husband says he can help you w/your laptop. What make/model is it? What kind of processor? How much RAM? Send me your specs when you have time!

@Peaceful: Easier said than done. You know the drill. It would make my life worse to say NO. It's not that it's chaotic or anything, just family DRAMA. I am definitely planning some hunker down time!

Erin said...

I too have too many boxes coming from Amazon! I hate to say it but when you can find WAY better deals online, I would prefer to get the better deal than go out shopping. Plus, IT IS COLD!!!!!!! And is still Illinois...and SNOWING all the time! LOL

We have Sean's work party(WOO HOO) this Friday, then we(the two of us) are going shopping on Saturday after he is done working on a side job(side job=side job money!). Then on Sunday I am going with my friend Lisa shopping b/c there wont be any time the next weekend...I will be blogging about that.