Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Frugal Date

...well, only if you live around these parts.

Have you ever used ? The website offers discounted gift certificates to participating restaurants. Typically a $25 gift certificate costs $10 (already a discount in its own right), but until October 26th, you can get them for $4 by using coupon code: SAVOR. {Read about it here.} Many of the restaurants have restrictions, so look carefully before selecting. One local restaurant without any restrictions {except for 18% gratuity} is Joey T's on the Fox. {I previously purchased two certificates for Dunhill's & was going to suggest that for this frugal date. In the two days I've worked on this post, it appears that those are no longer available; limited number per restaurant.} You print the certificates on your computer & they are validated at the restaurant location. I have not actually done this {I have printed them, but not used them}. As mentioned, I have purchased some certificates myself, so I have put "my money where my mouth is", so to speak.

Show up for lunch, where lunch salads are around $8, lunch pastas around $9, and lunch entrees around $10.
After lunch, take your lunch date over to Barnes & Noble where you can browse through books & magazines & enjoy a free cappuccino, by printing your coupon here. This coupon is only good until 10/31/08.

Total cost:
$4 {certificate} + $5 tip {20% gratuity on a $25 check} + free cappuccino = $9

Need gifts?
The coupons are good for one year from the date of purchase. Restaurant locations are all over the country, so you could even purchase them for long distance friends & family. Sounds like a frugal Christmas gift idea to me :>)

Think I'm gonna go purchase some Joey T's certificates now.....


Anna said...

Who knew? Love it!

Lily said...

With stores going out of business left and right, it would probably be prudent to buy certificates just before you want to go out to eat.