Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sew and Sew

Here are some of the latest sewing projects that have come across my machine, or my hands for that matter. The first item is:

It is storage for all those plastic grocery bags {or bread bags} that I accumulate and usually just stuff under the sink. You just push 'em in through the top & pull 'em out through the bottom.

NEXT! These are embroidered felt hair clips I made following this tutorial.

I loved this project because they are so fast, fun, and easy to make. Plus they are portable, so I can stick the ones I'm working on in my purse if I am going to be sitting waiting somewhere {like the doctor's office or dance class}. They are cheap too! I think they'll make great little girl stocking stuffers. I also like making them to coordinate with certain outfits. It's all about the accessories!

NEXT! Here is a corduroy skirt I made for my 6 year-old.

It also has a matching beret & matching embroidered hair clips, like the ones above, that are currently unavailable for photographing biggrin. Of course as part of my learning process, I cut out the skirt improperly so that the corduroy welts run horizontal instead of vertical, but I don't think anyone else would really notice {other than me & the keen-eyed seamstress}.

Finally, here is a little preview of an entire set of projects I have been working on.
The elfette pattern can be gotten for free here.

Hope you have had an enjoyable weekend! I got lots of sleep last night {thanks Unisom!} so I am feeling ready for a productive day. Blessings!


Debbie J. said...

I really like your projects. You do really good work and a variety too!!! The skirt is really cute and the accessories sound adorable. That's a lucky 6 year old to have a Mama like you.

Erin said...

WOWZA!!! You have been busy!

Great work as usual!

Thinking of making any more soakers, longies or shorties ;)

Alisa said...

You've been busy again. I have one of those bag holders too, though it was a gift to me. Adorable hair clips and I really like the skirt. Is it two layers?

Rebecca said...

Thanks guys! You'd be surprised how fast most of the projects are {or maybe I've just gotten quicker}.

Erin~ Um, shamefully, my knitting is out of the hobby rotation at this point. I would be up for a fleece diaper cover though ;>)

Alisa~ It's only one layer, but of course after finishing it, it ended up being short on my too-tall daughter, so I had to undo the hem & add the pink border at the bottom. It languished in my "to finish" pile, because I just didn't feel like undoing the hem. Sew glad it's done now though!!

Erin said...

Becki-Do you want a fleece cover??? I have some wool interlock? What are you thinking of doing for diapers???