Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Party.....I mean, Potty Time

I feel like my life is in a little bit of a lull. I haven't been sleeping well, so I don't have a lot of energy for the things I used to. I am just starting a new survey for my part-part-time job, so that will be taking up more of my time. I don't have any big "first day of school" posts to share, like it seems everybody else does. Our first day of school was weeks ago & I guess, due to the nature of homeschooling, not very dramatic. No sadness. No milestone memory. No lunch to pack. No concern over whether she got a "good" teacher {LOL}. Just another day.

The only thing remotely exciting going on around here is Potty Training! I tried {although I wasn't very committed} on two other occasions to put 2 1/2 year old in underpants, but after 5 "accidents" before noon, I was done for. Last week, we had run out of diapers over the weekend {I did buy more, but didn't put them away where they usually belong}, so when Monday morning came and the little one went to get a fresh one, all that was there was a pile of ready-to-wear underpants. She brought me a pair & I just decided that it was "time". I decided that I would not leave the house until Thursday {last week} and if she didn't have "success" before then, I would just try another time. She did great! After about 2 tries on the "little potty", she refused to use it anymore & only wanted to use the "big potty" with it's Dora training seat. {What's up with this? I couldn't tell if she went or not unless I was sitting right there the whole time waiting for the tinkle. Grrr.} It took until the second day for things to click, but by the third day we were doing ALL our business on the potty. Of course we are still having accidents, but maybe only one or two a day. She also has been waking up dry after her naps & sometimes in the mornings as well. As a reward, she got a new package of Elmo underwear. I am so proud. I guess it doesn't come a bit too soon as tomorrow is the start of my third trimester. I am still in a bit of denial about being pregnant again, but that's another story!


Alisa said...

Hi Rebecca;

I'm feeling a bit lullish too... is that a word? Though today I finally did some actual sewing (over against just dreaming about it.) But not much else. Wishing you the best with your potty training. It is the worst part of being a mom, along with kids sick with the stomach flue.

MommySecrets said...

We're potty training too! Isn't funny (well, not so funny!), how they get ready in their own sweet time. And you just can't potty train before they're ready, can you?

Your title made me laugh, because we've been having lots of 'pee pee parties'. 3 pees in the potty equaled one party during the first week of potty training. A potty might be popcorn/video, ice cream at sonic, or homemade milkshakes.

Now he's going potty regularly, but we're still working on pooping consistently in the party. So he gets big treats when he poops in the potty. Last night, his treat du jour was potato chips. He's definitely his father's child in that regard - I would have chosen chocolate!

Anonymous said...

Yea!! Way to Go Sienna!

I have to say after Savannah going through training I totally agreed with alisa that its the worst part of being a mom but since Clay did it I had so much fun!!! AND can't wait until Selah goes through it!! Although I think I'm now going to wait for the new year, she has some pretty cute outfits that are one piece and as we all know a big no no for going potty ;0) plus i think this month has been to many growing things for mommy all at once! Good for you Bec on getting the ball rolling, you'll have a few months with no diapers!!

Debbie J. said...

Potty training is a challenge because its one of the first things we ask THEM to do instead of doing it for them!!! and its at the time they want to be so independent and say no to everything.

But just wait, to me the worst thing about being a parent it teaching them how to drive and driving with them when they are learning. Potty training is a cinch compared to that!!!