Monday, September 10, 2007

106 days

....until Christmas ya'll!! If you've been reading for awhile, you may remember that after last Christmas I planned to do a little Christmas in July celebration for myself, making some crafts, trying new Christmas recipes, etc. My how ambitious I can be when I'm not pregnant! As it turns out, I did start planning for Christmas last month though. Here are the things I accomplished:
  • Downloaded free holiday planner to add to my homekeeping notebook from Organized Christmas. The planner can be found here. I printed out the Christmas Countdown complete with weekly checklists. The thing I like about it is that I will start on October 21 and hopefully have all my baking, decorating, shopping, cleaning, etc. finished in their 6 week timeline, ending on December 1st {just in time for my December 15th due date}.
  • Updated my MS Word Holiday Planning File. I've had this file for years. It has my Christmas Card list, complete with names & addresses, Gift Ideas, and Gift Lists. I usually try to add recipes I come across or homemade gift tutorials as well so everything is all in one place.
  • Began a set of five holiday stockings for my family. They're made from my new favorite material: FELT! You can see the preview of the set in my last post.
  • Begun to think about more holiday crafts! I love these softie trees & can't wait to make a set for myself from the free pattern I got here.
  • Started holiday sewing, namely an orange fleece pullover as a Christmas gift for the hubster. After I realized I cut out the pattern wrong, I kinda lost some of my motivation. I need to buy a bit of black fleece to use as contrast along the sleeve edges & bottom. I am so excited. I hope it fits! I am hoping to make some flannel pajama pants as gifts for my niece & nephews as well & maybe some for my kiddos as stocking stuffers.
  • Started to think about possible homemade holiday gifts. Some of my ideas include: Sun Visor Organizers {for the men}, Lavender Vanilla Sheet Spray, Chocolate Lip Balm, Tote Bags, Fabric Notebook Portfolios, and Muslin Reusable Teabags {for loose-leaf tea drinkers}.
  • In anticipation of their Winter issue, I signed up for a free subscription & downloaded my first copy of Seasonal Delights. One year subscriptions are free through the month of September. This issue is Autumn, so it includes seasonal recipes, crafts, books to read and poetry.
Any Christmas thinking on your horizon? Started shopping/crafting/creating yet?


Debbie J. said...

I've done a little crafting, but mine's boring compared to your ideas!!! I have been collecting stocking stuffers all year (for the adults) and bought a stocking for little Dylan at Cracker Barrel's after Christmas sale last year. I had just found out he was coming. I need to put his name on it now before it gets so hectic!!!

Alisa said...

I haven't really thought about Christmas, except once. The other week I happened to be in Langley (about 1 hr. from here) and picked something up at a toy store there for my son. You seem to be very organized. But you have to be, because you are expecting a new little one before that time. :-)

MommySecrets said...

I'd love to hear how you can make Lavender Vanilla Sheet Spray!