Monday, October 02, 2006

Coming Soon to a School District Near You...

I'm sure some of you don't believe me when I mention things that are going on in today's government school arena. Here is an article I came across this morning that I thought you may find interesting. It details how the Philadelphia school district is including Gay & Lesbian History Month slated for celebration this October of the 2006-2007 school year. I'm sure the contributions of homosexuals will be portrayed in a positive light and I'm willing to bet the negative effects of this lifestyle will be excluded. Despite strong reactions from upset parents, the school district will press on. Another good reason to protect our little ones' hearts and minds!


Anonymous said...


I disagree here... There is nothing wrong with gays. I don't understand why people think that the "right" thing is for a man and women to be together.
It that's the way it should be...Shouldn't "white" people be with "white" people and "black" people be with "black" people?
Why can't we ALL just except each other for who we are?
It's funny you being up home schooling because one of my really close friends were home schooled and he can't balance his check book, put a resume together, the little things that schools teach us "public" kids really matter. I hope your girls don't end of being like this. I'm being very serious.
One more question... Aren't you worried that you will fail? What IF your little ones do really bad on their SAT's(in the future) -- this will affect the rest of their lives. Aren't you worried about messy up?

I wish you the best.


Rebecca said...

I am pretty sure I know who you are, anonymous, but I will leave a comment here none the less. Some people believe in absolute truth. I am one of them. I believe that God created a man & woman to be together. Period. The Bible prohibits homosexuality. I don't want my children to think that these types of relationships are right or healthy.

In response to your question, "Why can't we ALL just except {sic} each other for who we are?", the answer is "We can love each other no matter what, but that does not mean that we have to accept lifestyles that are unhealthy, dangerous, or displeasing to God."

In response to your question, "Aren't you worried that you will fail?", the answer is, "It depends on your definition of success." To me, there are more important things to learn than the periodic table of elements or what the cosign of a 90 degree angle is. I know I will not fail because with God all things are possible. Maybe my children will not go to college. I will still prepare them to do so if that is what they choose. Am I worried about messy {sic} up? Yes, but I am more worried about what the public schools are teaching. Not just subject matter, but what values they are instilling.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

P.S. Were you public schooled? I am just wondering because you spelled quite a few words incorrectly....

Beth said...

Hi Becki. I just wanted to commend you on your answer to this anonymous (why don't people just put their name!!!!). Very well said. Your girls will thank you for the time and hard work you are investing into their lives! Noticed also that someone needs to proof read and check spelling before posting a comment. :-) I think their education failed them.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why I need to leave my name, if it's that important to you to leave my name OK. My name is Teri and I live in Allentown, PA. Do you need anymore personal information? Let me know I will send it to both of you.

Anyways, I feel very strongly about this situation -- my oldest brother told us that he was gay about 7 years ago and my mother and father up getting in a huge fight over this with him -- he ended up getting in a car accident (3 weeks later) and dying. My mother and father still to this day regret the things they said to him that day about being gay. Anyways, I hope everything works out for you. I PRAY that your little ones turn out to be gay.

Regards, Teri

Beth said...

Are you a Christian, Teri? I would like to know that about you.

Anonymous said...

I meant to say " NOT to turn out to be gay".

Regards, Teri

Beth said...

I had to get offline for a minute. Anyway, I wanted to say to you, Teri that I cannot imagine losing a brother or what guilt your parents have to live with. Gay people are no different than anybody else. The Bible is clear however that it is sin. Hate the sin, love the sinner. What Becki was probably trying to get across was that the school system shouldn't be pushing this lifestyle over on little's not "Let's have a black history month or a latin american month" it's "lets celebrate gays and lesbians" It's a lifestyle, not a race. Sin is sin and there is no argument for that.

RICK said...

I am Becki's husband and after reading this blog, I decided I had to respond about the gay topic in school because Teri prays that our children WOULD turn out to be gay. But first I want to say to teri, that I am sorry that your brother passed away. It sounds like there might still be some pain there, so I hope you can understand that God loved your brother very much, but He didn't condone your brother's lifestyle.

God makes it clear in the Bible that there is right and wrong and that homosexuality was not/is not His will or design for mankind. Everyone sins, but everyone can be forgiven and changed by the power of the death of Jesus Christ on the cross.

Teri, do you believe that God exists? And if so, what does God say about homosexuality?

As for our daughters turning out to be gay, I know that there is an extremely high correlation between distant or absent fathers, sexual abuse, incest and rape and the homosexual lifestyle. These stats are out there, but you have to find them. So I know what we as parents have to do to protect them from this dangerous lifestyle. Homosexuality doesn't just happen and isn't genetic like some would have you believe.

Anonymous said...


I agree with you with the school's shouldn't be pushing lifestyle's on to children. But, I really do not think that's what they are doing.


As you can see, I did send another messages stating that I hope your children DON'T out to be gay.

In response to your comment on "between distant or absent fathers, sexual abuse, incest and rape" The percent is extremely LOW - I found the percent at 16% as you can see this is very low.

I could go on and on about gays, homeschooling, "god".


matt said...

Being your cousin I find this a very interesting topic. Knowing the both of you to be very caring parents I do wonder how you would feel if one of your daughters grows up to be gay. I have often pondered this with my own son and of course I do have my preference that he will love the ladies....however I would never for one second think that he was a sinner and that we could not accept him for who he is. I had gay friends in college and also have a gay uncle.....he's a florist...go figure..haha...they have all been very caring people and I loved them all the same. None were molested, and none came from abusive households..this is just simply the way that they feel...there was no decision making in this, just the way that there is no decision making in the way that I feel about my wife or you feel about yours. Always remember that for every study there is always a study that will say the exact opposite and contradict the first one....there are many contradictions in life as well as in many religions......
I have always been of the opinion that many beliefs can be very dangerous and choose to live my life by what deep down "I FEEL" is right not what I have been told to feel.. Just fugured I'd put my two cents in

And who is Beth? she seems like Becki's side

Cant wait to go to the wilderness lodge guys!!!....I heard it was a hang out for
Love Matt
Now I'm a blogger...I feel like such a dork.

Skyra said...

Hi Bec,

You couldn't have stopped Matt from blogging from this subject.

How did this week of homeschooling go? I bet Tati had a lot of fun -- what did you teach this week?

I feel like the biggest ass! I was downstair this evening and i noticed that Tati's B-Day present was sitting on the chair -- I totally forgot to give it to her.
Tell her that Auntie Skyra has a late (very late) present for her :).

Let me know when you want to get together so I can give her the gift.

Have a wonderful weekend downtown this weekend -- we are suppose to have great weather!

Love you guys! Skyra

Rebecca said...


I have a gay uncle as well. His father was BOTH absentee & abusive. It kind of makes "sense" that when you are grown you would continue to look for love from a male figure if you never received it when you needed it as a child. My uncle was actually married & had a child (by another woman) before "coming out". He is a hairdresser on Michigan Ave. I'll give your sister his card ~ LOL!

You are right about there being many contradictions in life, however I think in some religions the contradiction comes not from the religion itself, but from the person practicing it (since we are all imperfect). I am thinking that the danger with basing your life by what you FEEL, is that feelings change. Whether you realize it or not, you have been told what to feel, by your parents, friends, & media. They all have influenced you to some degree.

Beth is not my sidekick (although I would be totally honored), just a like-minded woman of God.

Thanks for your $.02 ~ I will save it for our trip! It's gonna be awesome!

Welcome to the blogosphere, dork! (just kidding...)