Friday, October 06, 2006


We have a new pet. Tatiana named him Dot. He is the perfect pet for our family.

He does not shed.

He does not make any loud noises.

He does not require any special food or vaccinations.

He does not take up much room or require much upkeep.

Here he is:

I'm amazed that the picture came out as well as it did through the magnification of the top glass.
Overnight he did spin a bunch of web in the jar. We unexpectedly stopped by a garage sale on our morning walk & found a book with this exact spider on the cover, titled "Amazing Spiders", for a quarter. What a find! I don't think, however, that we will keep him for very long because, quite frankly, he creeps me out. Rick even more so than I!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness... Becki where did you find him? I don't think I could have a spider as a pet! I can't believe Tatiana isn't scared of it! My kids would FREAK at a spider like that, I would too ;0)! Well, congrats on the new pet!


alicia said...

Hey we got a new pet too! His name is Emily (yes He has a girl name)! My DD named him and said she can believe he is a she if she wants to! LOL! Anyway He is a Beta fish. Far from a Spider though, I would flip out if we had a spider in our house!!!!!! My kids however would probably love it!! LOL