Friday, September 29, 2006

{Knowing You}

I realized just recently that sometimes we learn the most about people when we really aren't expecting it. Like the meeting I attended not too long ago, which was designed for "fun", ended up revealing so much about peoples' thoughts and inner-workings. With that said, here is my first batch, in a series, of questions, designed to get to know you. Not like Coke vs. Pepsi question I mentioned previously (but we all know anyways that Pepsi is much better~LOL)! I will just post them as they come to me. I look forward to your responses.

1. The Bible exhorts us to, "..speak the truth in love..". Do you tend to be more on the truth-side, the love-side, or are you a nice blend of both?

2. Are there friends you go to for certain things depending on what you need or are most of your friends the all-purpose type? For example, would you call one friend if you wanted to go out & have fun, another if you needed great (spiritual or otherwise) advice, or another if you needed to cry on her shoulder.

I will also respond to these questions in the comments section. Hope ya'll have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

1. The Bible exhorts us to, "..speak the truth in love..". Do you tend to be more on the truth-side, the love-side, or are you a nice blend of both? Well those who know me well know that I typically more of a truth speaker. I actually hate beating around the bush or dancing around something that needs to be said. BUT with that said...I have been more compassionate in the last few years to peoples feelings and thoughts and try to guard what I say(obviously not all the time). I know that isn't seen all the time but I really do. If anyone had a clue what was in my head that I didn't say I am certain I could/would offend alot more people.

2. Are there friends you go to for certain things depending on what you need or are most of your friends the all-purpose type? YES! I know that certain friends are good for spiritual advice or to vent about life. I also know which ones are more fun than others. And I picked the perfect person to be in the room for the delivery of my daughter. She still hasn't mentioned just how ugly I got when I didn't have an epidural(yet)and I apprecite it. As I wasn't good! Anyways...these were good questions. Thought provoking.



alicia said...

First off I would like to agree with you on the Pepsi thing!! Defintely Pepsi (maybe with some vanilla) LOL!!
Now to the real questions:

I tend to be more on the love side of things (at least I think so) I think it can be good in ways because I'm more aware of peoples feelings and hurts, but it can also be a bad thing because sometimes I just don't know how to talk to someone about something they might need talking to about (if that makes any sence) I do want to learn to be a good balance of both, especially since I am needing to do it in the leadership position I'm in, but so far I'm still way into the process of learning big time!!

2. I would actually have to say I don't really have certain friends that I go to for certain things. I have a few close friends/sisters that I go to most or all of the time for any number of these things. I feel they all give me a good variety on fun, spritual advice, and just challanges all around! I also count my husband in on that too!! I don't think that really any of my closer friends are any better at any one thing than the other, they just all bring a different outlook/perspective on each situation. It might even depend on who calls me that day or who I run into, that's in that group of friends. I do have to say however if I am struggling with something major or with something I need to address with someone else then I will go to my mentor who is an older/wiser godly christian woman who really helps me to see things differently and gives me really great godly advice in a loving way!! It's so nice to be able to have someone like that around that isn't sort of on the same level as me if you know what I mean? With all of that being said, I can have fun with a lot of people, but I have the most fun with those that I'm closer to, and I am able to open up more with those that I can trust, and they are the same people! They are also the same people who pray for me and I for them on a daily basis so that helps!! So in answer to your question no I do not call any one person for fun and another person for advice and so on, I call the same few people for all of them!! And they obviously have to be great in order to put up with my rambling!!lol:0)

Anonymous said...

In answer to your questions, I like to think I can speak in love and in truth, I went through a really hard time last summer and learned how to do that now granted, I may not ALWAYS do it depending on how much time I have had to think about it but I try to.

As for question number 2. I have my hubby whom I always go to and he gives the best advice of all, he is honest and tells me when I have been wrong or when I am right or even what to say however, he is not a female and sometimes thinks the things I am coming to him for are ridicolous and if that is the case than I go to my friends. I don't have one friend for certain things, I think the friends that I have all provide different advice which is what I need. I do though along with Alicia have a mentor who I tend to go too in tough times, the more I have gotten to know her, the more I realize how much alike we are, even when she was my age, she thought like me and did things like me we even have the same interests (we call ourselves boring people) which is awesome and she has really been the greatest influence in my life since I moved out here. No offense to all my "sisters" out there. She speaks in truth and love and tells me exactly what I need to hear, even when I don't want that particular advice.

As far as the pepsi/coke neither however pepsi does have a bit of a kick to it which when I need a kick, I will go for that but we don't USUALLY have pop in the house unless someone buys it for us ;)


Rebecca said...

Ok, so here is mine ;-)

1. I am trying to be a better blend of both. I actually think that sometimes it depends on the person I am "speaking" to and also what the "truth" is that I am trying to convey. With my closest friends, strangely enough, I lean more towards the LOVE-side since I don't want to offend or anger them.

2. I don't usually go to my friends for spiritual advice, but do enjoy discussing spiritual issues amongst one another (although unfortunately this rarely ever happens). Other than that, I think there are certain people that I would go to for certain things. A different person would come to mind to call if I needed to vent compared to if I needed to cry on/with someone.