Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Survey Says....

I used to love watching Family Feud (and lots of other game shows for that matter). I think the part I liked the most was seeing whether or not I seemed smarter than the contestants. Of course from the comfort of my own living room without thousands of dollars at stake, I probably had an advantage. I distinctly remember the way Ray Combs would say, "We surveyed 100 people with the top 5 answers on the board....." I guess surveys were popular even back then. It seems like the 21st century version would be internet surveys. They are everywhere: myspace, forums, and most of inbox. I sometimes wonder what the point of them all are. Mostly they are useless information. Do I ever remember which of my friends like vanilla and which ones like chocolate? Or the jobs they have had? Or whether they drink coke or pepsi? Does it really matter what they were wearing when they took the survey? I wish someone would come with a survey and title it, "The Only Survey You'll Ever Need" filled with the most crucial of questions. Then I can send it to all my friends and keep a copy of all their responses. I doubt many would answer (maybe save for my really, really close friends) because the reason most people participate in surveys is for FUN. It would have questions like the date of their birthday (so I don't forget), their love language (so when I want to do something nice I know what type of "thing" to do), their favorite meal and dessert (so when they come over I know what to cook), maybe things like their greatest strength/weakness, what they tend to cry about (why does everyone cry so much anyways?? I can't even remember the last time I cried...), maybe things that they find aggravating (so I can try not to do it), and probably the things they find most important in life & what they have the strongest convictions about. I think that REALLY tells the most about people, don't ya think? Anyways, the reasons I usually participate in surveys is either because a) I am in the mood or b) my "friend" wants me to send one back to her with my responses. So hear is a freebie for ya'll (reason "a"):

3 Weird Things/Habits about Me

1. I like to eat raw flavored oatmeal. Only Quaker Cinnamon 'n Spice. I usually eat about 2 bags at a time. I started out just using less and less water because I really like the spicy flavored powder. Eventually I got to the point where I wasn't using any water at all.

2. I was born with one crossed eye. It couldn't move at all, it was just always pointing in. I had surgery for that, but now it tends to overcorrect itself so it may not look like I am looking at you, when I really am. I am kinda sensitive about it and it is so frustrating to hear store clerks/strangers/people-who-don't-know-about-it asking, "Are you talking to me?" It happens especially when I am tired too. This also means that I DON'T have BInocular vision. Most people's eyes work together, mine work separately from each other. Like when you go to the DMV and you look in their little vision test machine and they ask you if the dot is inside or outside of the box, I can't tell. One eye sees the dot, one eye sees the box. So far, I've guessed correctly.

3. I like to crack my back. Maybe this is not so weird, but some people might think so. It just relieves a lot stress and I feel looser after I do it. When I was pregnant with T., I used to lean backwards over a chair so that the chair back would push on my vertebrae.

I was planning on listing 6 things, but I guess I'm not as weird as I thought. I'm sure these are things that you wouldn't readily forget, not like whether I prefer Coke or Pepsi.....

P.S. In case you were wondering, I'm a Pepsi girl. Coke just tastes too sweet to me. I usually drink Caffeine-free Diet. It has a nice crisp refreshing flavor.


Crystal said...

=) I hope I didn't annoy you buy tagging you. =) I only did because I thought it would be fun to know some of that stuff about you because we only just inter"met". I may not remember all the small things of peoples lives but I definitely am interested in hearing them. Just like in real life too though. People are always rambling off their favorite color or Starbucks drink or book. I don't always remember but I like to know.


Crystal said...


Rebecca said...

I'm not annoyed at all! I have such a poor memory sometimes that I really can't remember all the mostly useless information about my friends. They are fun to read though. ;-)