Sunday, August 20, 2006

{A word on.....}

...the Weekend:

I guess any day when you have to call 911 probably could be filed under the "exciting" category. Rick and I were on our way to a family wedding and I was on the phone with {M} when a car accident occurred in front of us. Of course, I was shaken & called 911. Never called 911 from a cell phone before & now feel reassured that it actually "works". No one was seriously injured but there were children one of the vehicles who were crying and very scared, which to me was upsetting. I have been having some trouble with migraine headaches and suffered another one on Saturday. I wasn't sure I was going to make it to this wedding (only made it in time for the reception) and kept changing my mind almost the whole way there. I am thinking I may need to get some medication for this or research some other sort of remedies. If you have ever had one, you know how debilitating they can be! (If you have any suggestions, could you please let me know?)


I posted (jokingly) several posts ago wondering how to get 23 comments on cooking or knitting or household tips. Apparently I hit a culinary nerve. Can't we all just get along?? *grin* Moving on...I made this recipe today to go along with our dinner & was so easy and delicious. The crust wasn't as "crispy" as I thought it would be, but maybe it's not supposed to be. I also made a surf & turf stir-fry on Friday for a private dinner for Rick & I and it turned out to be quite tasty. Lots of ginger, fresh garlic, and green onions. YUM! My mom spent the night on Saturday to watch the girls (bless her heart!) and on Sunday morning was SO excited to tell me about this book she started reading that she found laying around my house. Yep, Frozen Assets. She said she copied down a bunch of recipes and can't wait to freeze some meals and went on and on about what a great idea she thinks this is. Oh, mom. If only my blog readers could hear you now, we would all laugh together.

...Backyard projects:

Our fence is almost complete! I realized today (while I was mowing the grass) how I really enjoy a little privacy. I am, for the most part, an extrovert. I, do, however need my own space and *love* being fenced in. The landscaping still needs much work, like digging out unwanted plants and moving others that are now misplaced due to the fence. Also, my "weed" garden along the back needs to be killed and the play area and raised garden beds built. Oh, I can't forget our much anticipated fire pit. Looking forward to that! And {A} will definitely be getting an invite for some bonfires and s'mores (you know who you are girlie!) Take a peek:
View from the deck

my flowerbed and a closer view of the pickets

I'm actually really proud of my flowers. I'm shocked I could actually manage to keep something alive. Not only that, but the flowers all the way at the bottom I planted as seeds. Amazing the beauty that God designed for us to enjoy. I never tire of looking at them. I *love* how they spill over onto the brick patio too.


Our "official" start date is Monday, August 28th. I am excited and nervous. Aargh!

I've enjoyed hearing from so many of you recently. I am looking forward to more of our dialogues. God Bless!


alicia said...

My ds starts on Monday too!! Pray for me as I pray for you!! Next week is going to be a hard one!

Deana said...

I used to suffer from awful migraines until I stumbled upon some information about food allergies. I remember thinking to myself that I'd been through all the tests before and I wasn't allergic to anything. But I did an elimination diet and suddenly all my migraines, my upset tummies, my sore back, and my itchy skin disappeared! Over the next year, I learned about food intolerances and all of my many such. It was a huge change in my life but I feel so much better. And when I do slip up and eat something I'm not supposed to, I know exactly what will happen and I have the tools to make it better quickly.

If you're curious, I'd be glad to tell you more. I found your blog through the frozen-assets group and am enjoying the read.


Anonymous said...

Your pics of the foods you made from frozen assets look so yummy! I could almost lick the page. Yeah for school! I know you'll do great and so will Tati.


Your favorite cousin! said...

Good Luck on Monday -- it will be hard, but I know you will be able to do this -- you are super smart! Tati is going to have so much fun learning from you. :)

WOW! Your flower bed looks amazing! I can't believe you grew those from seeds! Great job.

Tell Rick I said great job on the fence -- it most likely took a lot of time and hard work -- it looks so nice. Great job, rick!

Oh, I will not be able to go to the scrap book store on Saturday after the Pampered chef party -- Matt works at 5pm. I didn't think you really wanted to go anyways -- you mentioned that you have few other plans.

Did I tell you Jacob's new words? Bus, Ella (for my sister's boyfriends dog, and he can count -- only to two. It's so cute! Oh, and the new word as of this past Saturday, NO! It's kinda cute hearing him say No, No to slim. :)
He will also tell me when he goes poo, poo in his diaper -- I think potty training is coming soon....

See you on Saturday, 2pm!

Love, Skyra

Skyra said...

I forgot to ask you, Did Rachel call you? She called me over the weekend wondering when you will be done with her scrap book? Let me know so I can get back to her about it, if she hasn't call you already. Thanks!

Love, Skyra

Rebecca said...

Tell Rachel....ugh. I don't know. I have been working as much as I can, but I saved all the "hardest" pages for last. Tell her I will have the whole thing done by October 1st. That way I have some deadline to work towards.

That's so cool about the new words!! Sienna learned how to say "ON" and "SHOE" and she also says "SHOO" like to shoo bugs away. I think that's so cute how he tells you about his poo-poo. Wanna hear something so hilarious:

Just today, dear friend {A} was telling me how her DS has decided that when he goes poop he would take it out and give it to her. EEEEEEWW!! Then he decided that he wouldn't even tell her and just take the poop out and put it in the trash!!! DOUBLE EEEEEWW!! I *secretly* think it's actually kinda cute.

I will come to the pampered chef party. We will plan the BIG Archiver's trip in a few weeks after I've sold more of the clothes on EBAY. One auction is "officially" sold and the rest end in a few hours. *Keep your fingers crossed*

alicia said...

umm yea you might think it's cute, but uggg! does it smell!! ;0) It's a darn good thing he's so cute!!! Poop is not!:0)

skyra said...

How much money have we gained on EBay? I'm so exicted about this!
Love, Skyra