Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My OAMC Attempt

For those of you who've never heard the term (I hadn't until just recently), OAMC stands for once-a-month-cooking. I'd read about the concept somewhere in the blogosphere and so decided to check out this book from the library. Hmmm. I read the first few sections and was convinced to give it a try. Don't get me wrong, I *love* cooking, really. {Wasn't my last post about cooking too??} But sometimes I get bored/tired/confused regarding our daily dinner meal. We pretty much eat dinner together as a family every evening, unless one of us has a prior committment or we are out for a special event. I was super skeptical that this method would actually be cheaper (so was DH). I had tried shopping at Sam's Club a few months back and it did NOT help my grocery budget. Using the Frozen Assets book as my guide, I picked about 10 recipes and included one of my personal recipes to make and freeze. I shopped mostly at Aldi and went to Woodman's for the rest (or for the items I knew to be cheaper). Here was the menu I planned:
  • Chicken & Broccoli (4)
  • Baked Ziti (4)
  • Lazy Lasagna (2)
  • Beef Bourgignon (3)
  • Chicken Cacciatore (4)
  • All-Purpose Ground Meat Mix for Taco Salads (3) and Sloppy Joes (3)
  • Pizza Blanks (2) ~ I also made (4) medium sized ones for the kids & I for lunches
  • Egg McMuffin Sandwiches (18) ~ for DH's breakfast
  • Calzones (12) ~ for the kids & I for lunch, quick dinner, or DH snack
This adds up to 25 dinners, plus 18 breakfast sandwiches and 12-16 lunches. The total grocery bill was...{are you ready for this?}....$114. I still can't really believe it myself. I'm thinking I might be able to cut $60-$100 off of my already small grocery bill!! I will have to see how the rest of the month goes. All I will need to add to these meals is some side dishes, a fresh garden salad or noodles to go with it. Maybe even dessert! I spent about 3 days cooking on & off since I didn't have a babysitter for the kids. I definitely think I may do some mini-sessions throughout the month instead of one HUGE session. DH & I had the Lazy Lasagna over the weekend and he couldn't stop saying how good it was. He kept asking if there was any left. I am so happy that DH will be able to have a hot breakfast too, whenever he wants one. I'm caring for him every morning even while I'm still sleeping by having these in the freezer! I love it!

Calzones fresh from the oven. Can you smell 'em?? YUM!

Pizza crust for family meals

Egg McMuffin sandwiches for Rick

Taco Salad I made with for lunch with the All-Purpose Ground Meat Mix

The other advantage to this method was my grocery experience today. Since I already have all these "assets" in my freezer I was able to be in & out of the grocery store in only 30 minutes since I didn't need that many groceries. I spent half of what I usually would, so combined with what I bought in addition to my OAMC groceries last week, I'm about even for the month. I also have the energy to try several new recipes, since dinner is already "made". I recently pre-ordered this book from Amazon and can't wait til it arrives. More recipes!! If you have tried this method or want to know more, please comment. Oh, and I added an email me! link to the sidebar so now you can contact me privately too ;-)


Anonymous said...

This sounds very gross to me, if you are a stay at home mom or even work at nights, how come you don't have time to cook? It just seems like "Day 29" meal from the frozer would be gross!
I love cooking, the kids really enjoy cooking with me and my husband -- we do this as a family.
This is the fist time I have looked at your blog, from reading your blog it seems like you are very lazy and you like do things for yourself.
This OMAC is very gross to me and I can't believe you don't have time to cook. Who doesn't? Who doesn't have 30 minutes?

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous...

Before you go throwing stones I would like to know or better yet SEE pictures of your home made meals. And I would like you to answer the following questions...just so we can all see how we can be perfect!








With all that being said...find another blogger to torture. She was just sharing with the class not asking you to eat her food...which I have had and is VERY GOOD.

In other words...go away.


Anonymous said...

Wow... just one question for anonymous #1... If someone is "lazy" would they really like doing things for themself? I mean, wouldn't a lazy person not even want to take the time to prepare all these meals (which look really good, Bec!) You're just mad because you didn't think of it first! Don't hate! I agree with Erin... Go Away!


Alicia said...

OH MY GOSH is all I have to say!!!! At least those of us that know you know that you are not lazy and make WONDERFUL meals!! Can't we just all agree on the little saying if you don't have something nice to say don't say anything at all ;0) Anyway, I think I'm going to try it too, although I might wait until it gets a little cooler out. Don't let what this Anonymous (yes anonymous as in she couldn't even say who she was) person said get you down at all!!! If I didn't like to cook and had the money I'd hire you as my own personal chef! :0)

Rebecca said...

I was going to delete the first rude comment, but it is almost so funny how someone could be so inconsiderate, I decided to just leave it ;-) If you've never tried it, you wouldn't know if it's gross or not. I really enjoy cooking. I LOVE IT!! Unfortunately, we can not do this as a family as DH gets home from work too late. Actually, we have been spending MORE time together as a family since I don't have to worry about cooking EVERY SINGLE DAY. Who doesn't have 30 minutes? A LOT OF PEOPLE. And it's not just 30 minutes. That doesn't include all the thought that goes into these meals, collecting recipes, getting ingredients, prepping, cooking, and cleaning up. Freezing meals also allows for my family to get fed when I am sick (just happened over the weekend), for me to invite people over at the spur of the moment (happened today), or for us to not worry about what time we get home. Anyways Anonymous, you're not the kind of reader I want reading my blog anyways.....

Anonymous said...

Very Cool Becki! Maybe you could share more at Mom's Group about this! I did the OAMC but did it at Simply Homemade. I loved it but it wasn't as cheap as you did it for. Nothing like a home cooked meal, even if it has been made ahead of time and frozen. Got a kick out of anonymous #1. What a nut case! Ha ha! Sure cracked me up! ~Beth

Anonymous said...

Yes, the anonymous is back...
To answer your questions "ERIN".
1. Four children (four year old, two year old, seven year and 9 year old)
2. yes, i do have a toddler -- TWO.
3. Rolling Pin, I said I cook didn't I?
4. Eat out, maybe twice a month.
5. Budget is 450.00 -- don' really have one.
6. 5'9, 140 lbs. looking good, I might say!
7.not being rude just telling the truth -- TRUTH HURTS.
To say you don't have time for cooking with your family... what do you do all day???
It looks like you spend a lot of time on our blog...maybe you should be spending time "thinking" about what you are going to eat for dinner. :)
talk to you later, GIRLS!


Kate Weber said...


I have to agree with Anonymous. Yes, i hate to say it but i do.
One of my friends did this and we came over her house to eat dinner and we had one of these frozer meals -- I was to embrassed to say it but, it was not very good. Not as good as a "FRESH" meal.

Yes, I do have 3 children that are young and very active. My husband gets home at 6:30 every day and dinner is on the table at 6:45 for the family. It takes about 1 hour to prepare, cook and clean up -- some days even quicker because the WHOLE family helps clean up -- it's great. It doesn't take long to think about what you are going to have for dinner.

And if I'm sick and can't make dinner, that's why I have a husband -- we are a "TEAM" -- he will make the kids dinner and me.

I have been reading your blog and it does seem like you spend a LOT of time on your blog.

What I do, is think about what I'm going to make for the week for dinner and go shopping during the weekend so my husband can watch the kids. It does help out a litte.
Just a thought.

erin, what does PERFECT have to do with anything? I don't think that anonymous said anything about being perfect -- i thing they were just trying to say that it doesn't sound good.

Thanks, Kate

Skyra said...

I TOTALLY agree with Erin. Becki is a very good cook and I think this is a very good idea. Not, everyone has time to cook EVERYDAY -- it's hard to think about what you want to make -- I also love cooking but, I want to spend my time with my son and husband more then cooking dinner everynight.

Becki is a very good mother and like most of us wants to spend time with the family doing activities together not in the kitchen every minute.

Who cares what these people think -- they sound like a bunch of dumb @#@#&.

Talk to you soon, Bec!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the anonymous is back...
To answer your questions "ERIN".

YES THAT IS MY REAL NAME) and if you want my phone number or email address just ask.

1. Four children (four year old, two year old, seven year and 9 year old)

2. yes, i do have a toddler -- TWO.

If you have one two year old then...you only have one toddler and one pre-schooler...duh!

3. Rolling Pin, I said I cook didn't I?

I guess your type of cooking wouldn't require the use of a rolling pin... BECKI'S DOES!

4. Eat out, maybe twice a month.
Does that count dates with your husband?

5. Budget is 450.00 -- don' really have one.

Ummmm....are you trying to say that you spend A TON of money on food? If that is what you are saying then maybe you should use Becki's money saving tips and go on vacation

6. 5'9, 140 lbs. looking good, I might say!

Wow...rude and conceited. Amazing..you are perfect.

7.not being rude just telling the truth -- TRUTH HURTS.

I am going to tell you the truth now...You must be daft because you didn't know how to spell freezer and the CAPS LOCK must also be an area that you lack the intelligence to use.

To say you don't have time for cooking with your family... what do you do all day???


It looks like you spend a lot of time on our blog

and you spend alot of time reading them obviously to stumble upon this one

...maybe you should be spending time "thinking" about what you are going to eat for dinner. :)
talk to you later, GIRLS!

Buh Bye Girls...

Erin-still my real name wimp!

Rebecca said...

Thank you everyone for all your input, yes, even you anonymous ;-) since I realize that sometimes God can use other people to bring things to light.

Kate: I would probably *never* serve something out of the freezer to dinner guests, as I really enjoy making gourmet meals. I have been planning out all my meals weekly for years now, but was just feeling like I was stuck in a rut and wanted to try something new. Ever feel that way? What do you do to "mix things up" a bit? Also, if you look back for the last few weeks, you'll see I only make about one post a week. It takes less time than most people spend watching TV.

I'm not saying a will cook freezer meals every day for the rest of my life. I will probably mix in frozen & fresh though. It's a great concept that works for my (and thousands of) families. CHEERS!

Alicia said...

LOL, LOL, LOL, all I have to say is how funny to make such a HUGE DEAL because you don't agree with someone else's menu or cooking style?!? HeeHee, I'm getting a kick out of it! I'm a mother of 4 also, ages of children are 5, 4, 2, and 1. So what do I do for the day??? I think that answers it self!! And who doesn't have 30 minutes in a day? Well how about someone who has been going all day long with a teething baby, and a child who doesn't stop climbing or getting into things, on top of all the other daily tasks and a husband who has to sometimes work a little later to provide for our family. And I must say that sure it's ok to say something doesn't sound that great but to then call them lazy and make other nasty comments goes beyond just saying you think something sounds gross! I think it goes back to something that was said in the homeschooling issue, You can not know the circumstances that people face daily enough to judge them on things especially as far as what you do for DINNER!!! :0) Go Bec, and thank you for some great ideas to start on!! I can't wait!!

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous #1... How many blogs did you read before coming across this one? Just wondering. See unless you know Becki and know that she has a blog then how did you find this? By spending countless hours on the computer reading what other people have to say about their life? Another question for you... do you ever do anything outside your home? Because if you did you might understand that some days you just don't have time to cook. I have done the freezer (notice the spelling) meal thing and it works great for a mom on the go! Oh yea.. could you post a picture of yourself.. I'm having a hard time believing the 140 lbs line. Shouldn't someone who spends $450 on food eat a little more? I mean if we're being judgmental about each other then that's is my judgment!


Anonymous said...

Erin it's funny that you call me a wimp because I'm someone that YOU know -- and you are the one who told me about thi OAMC and you had said "why would she do this"? this is just plan lazy. Just signing in anonymous and let everyone your TRUE feelings! Now who is the wimp, ERIN? Not me.
Talk to you

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes I found this site through erin.

Bye guys.

Anonymous said...

OK...well if you really do know me then I think you are a wimp for not just telling me. AND if I really did say that...It was before I DID IT MYSELF.

For the record...I don't EVER remember saying this. And if I did...I didn't understand the concept when I said that.

AND if you really know me you will also know that one of my faults is putting my foot in my mouth, before I know what is really going on. IT IS INHERITED! SO...I am not a wimp...another thing you would know if you knew me. I am not afraid to post my name when I respond. YOU STILL HAVEN'T. Maybe you aren't proud of the way you handled yourself. Maybe you are someone that I would typically defend when I feel like people are picking on you. Hmmmm....now there's some food for thought.

I stand by my origional comment which was really just to make you think about what you say. Regardless you weren't nice. But I guess that doesn't matter.


Alicia said...

Drama, Drama, Drama! I think we might have a devils advocate on our hands??? By the way Bec, Erin and I thought it would be great that if you reached 25 comments this time to shave your head or something! How about it!! HeeHee! :0)

Scott said...

WOW that "anonymous" comment was really sad and mean and just...ICK!!

The food looks really yummy btw!!

Anyway I'm soooooo sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner!! I was so excited to get your e-mail because it was so nice and you just seem like the kind of person I would LOVE to get to know!!!!

I will be adding your blog to mine so I will remember to check it OFTEN!

My husband said that he doesn't remember you but you name is VERY familiar!! I went to Crown!

I hope to hear more from you!! Thanks again for writing me!!!


Crystal said...

OH NOS!!!! I logged in as my husband that was me who posted above!!

Jori said...

It has been brought several times to my attention that you all think I am the 'anonymous' blogger thanks. I would like to say that i checked out the homeschool/public school one and I was the first anonymous comment on that one but Scott didn't want me to leave my name for some reason. So to all of you who want to accuse me, if i am going to play devils advocate, i would at least spell correctly and not lie about how many kids I have. To be honest, i was hurt.

Scott said...

Hi, this is the real Scott.

Anonymous is a moron and probably has plenty of time to sit around with her family and cook all day because nobody in the outside world can stand her.


How do you think the food you eat out at the restaurant twice a month at gets there? Do you suppose the chickens come to the restaurant live and they slaughter them on site? Maybe you think this is 1923 and they're processed at the local meat packager? Think about it.

Oh wait, you probably don't think.

Here's a thought, and I'll give to you for free. If the thought of 29 day old frozen food sounds so ew ew puke gross to you, DON'T EAT IT. What is so wrong with your life that you need to post on someone else's blog without revealing your identity and call people names? Names that make you look like an incoherent idiot, btw. OMG PPLS WHO LIKE TO DO THINGS FOR THEMSELVES ARE SOO LAZY!

I'm sure you meant to say that she's lazy because she does NOT like to do things herself or some other such nonsense but it's probably difficult for you to think *and* type with your wee little fingers at the same time.

But whatever, you look good at 5'9 140 lbs and you probably don't need approval from other people to tell the *real* truth about them. And you can tell that from a blog post can't you? Oh yes, you know because your so special and enlightened. You know who is lazy and who is not. Must be nice to be able to figure all that out from a couple of blog posts THAT TELL EVERYTHING ABOUT A PERSON THAT YOU CAN EVER WANT TO KNOW, ACTUALLY, BTW.

So you post anonymously (after all we wouldn't want people to know that *we* might have a few faults of our own, rite?) and pass judgments all around without the risk of rebuttal. Sure you might be proven wrong and made to look like a fool, but hey(!) no one knows who you are so you can just sink back to your lonely pathetic life where *real* people can't stand you and no one will be the wiser.


Hello Rebecca,

I don't remember having any significant conversations with you in High School or anything but High School is an odd little world, isn't it? Can't say I miss it much.

When our daughter was diagnosed with cancer a group of people from our neighborhood got together and made a months worth of dinners for us. They were quite tasty (even by the end of the month) and saved a lot of time and energy at a time when we didn't have much of either.

This book looks interesting and the thought of a months worth of food for 114 bucks is crazy.

Oh, and sorry about my belligerent post, feel free to delete it if you like.

Anonymous said...

Wow...who would have imagined you would have such an impact on the internet world...well I just wanted to post to show my support. So here's to you Becki for all you do for your family and your friends.

I personally don't have ANY time to cook anything...frozen or otherwise.

30 minutes that's a joke how about more like 3 hours and for anonymouse's..hehe sake I'll calculate that for you...15 minutes to plan meal 15 more to get DS, and I only have one child, ready to go to grocery store 15 minutes to get to grocery store 30 minutes to shop 10 minutes waiting in grocery store line 5 minutes loading groceries 20 minutes back home 5 minutes unloading groceries 30 minutes to cook (and that's only if you pick a quick meal) and 15 minutes clean-up, this will need to be adjusted to living distance from grocery store, number of kids you have, time of day you visit the grocery store, and if you have a dish washer.

Bec all I have to say is that every meal we've ever shared has been an event, a time for laughter, sharing, and fellowship. From our family to yours we love you.

oh one more thing...speaking of events, remember when we used to get out of school and go to your house and eat frozen pizza, you'd put garlic and seasonings on it...you could make anything taste good even back then.

maybe someday anonymouse will reveal herself...stay tuned.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Ok... In the defense of my husband who is a full time police officer that works nights, stays home with the kids during the day so I can work, and the newest addition to his list of things to do... is enrolled in school part time... so no, sleeping and watching TV is not on his (or my) list of things to do! I, on the other hand, work part time during the day, come home and start my full time job as being a mom, and quite often I have things outside of the home going on. So for you to call all of us asses because we actually like the idea of having something premade that we can pull out and pop in the oven is rude! I don't care who you are or how many kids you have or how "wonderful" your husband is because he likes to help you cook... La-Te-Da! We do what works best for us so don't sit there all high and mighty because you like to cook a fresh meal every night!


Anonymous said...





I am laughing right now...

Thank you!!!!

And by the way...



Anonymous said...






Crystal said...

Anonymous I'm very sorry that you are so upset that some people need a little more time to cook than 30 mins. There is preparation and clean up involved not to mention ringing phones, crying babies, dogs chasing cats, people popin' in. Life happens. Yes of course making a home cooked meal is possible to do in 30 mins I don't think anyone disagrees with that at all. I think that people are reacting more to your judgment of others you see that are "less" than you. Your words are harsh and offensive. I really don't understand why you came on here in the first place just to rip on someone for trying to do the best that see fit for THEIR family and to share what they are learning. And from the sound of it Rebecca is doing a tremendous job at saving the family money witch is a really big deal.

Please don't misread this and think I am being snotty with you or anything I am trying to just be honest with you and trying to be as nice a possible.

I don't think anyone REALLY wants to know who you are but I think they find it more "amusing" that you come on here as anonymous and just point your finger at everyone else and claim you have it all figured out and are better than everyone else here. It's very easy to hide behind anonymity than to show your face.

It’s really nice that you love to cook and make your family and husband nice warm home cooked meals. I am sure they are blessed by you and I think it’s great that you love it so much because that is a bonus. Not everyone though likes to cook but most of us do it anyway because we do love our families. I am one of those people who don’t normally enjoy cooking I have an off and on switch where sometimes I enjoy and sometimes I really don’t. Right now I am enjoying it because I am cooking all sorts of new things AND I have the added bonus that I am feeding my family with really healthy foods and it all tastes so good. I love to see my family smiling and excited about dinner. But like I said not everyday is like that and that’s OK.

Anonymous I really would like to know why it is that you are so angry? Is there anyway that this can all be mend it and we can all make up and just be friends?


Rebecca said...

Ok, enough is enough.

Hi Crystal! *waves back at Crystal* I couldn't have said it better myself.

Let's just talk about something else...

Love you guys!