Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Let's play...

....a little game. I snagged this from Carrie's blog over at Handle Life with Care (she snagged it from her DH's blog). Anywho,

The idea is this: You express how much you prefer one thing to another (using the greater than sign >>>), and then add “it’s not even close.”

IBC Rootbeer>>>>>>>Dr. Pepper

a crisp fall day>>>>>>a sweltering hot & humid summer day

a clean house with well-behaved children>>>>>>>>>a messy house with children bouncing off the walls

a close-knit family>>>>>>>>a distant family

being comfortable in my own skin>>>>>>>>trying to "fit in" to what other people think I should be

leaving for vacation>>>>>>>coming home

being near the water>>>>>>being land-locked

a blissful uncomplicated pregnancy>>>>>>>>>unrelenting morning sickness

uplifting "real" people>>>>>>>>>>pessimistic hypocritical people

a few close friendships>>>>>>>>bunches of acquaintances

creating something with my hands>>>>>>>doing dishes with my hands (YUK!)

It's not even close!!

1 comment:

Crystal said...

Oh yes a crisp fall day is WAY better and not even close to a hot and humid summer day. In fact I'll take a crisp fall day over ANY summer day. I *~*heart*~* Autumn!!

There is nothing like a clean house either. When my house is clean and everything is in its place it gives me an energy that is just unimaginable. And can cure almost any depression!! =)

AND YES YES YES being comfortable in ones own skin is way better than trying to fit the mold of society.

I LOVE rootbeer! Diet A&W for me please! =)