Tuesday, July 27, 2010

From a 9-year old Heart

This is a word for word copy of a typed note I received last night from my daughter (I added some punctuation for ease of reading). I think it's a pretty clear picture of my own 32-year-old heart as well. 


There's a song about how God is soooooo big and powerful and how god has a amazing plan. if that plan is so amazing, how come God's amazing plan was for Ricardo Rios age 34 (omitted city/state) to lose his job. he got late off. right now all we have to do is sit here in the house until he finds a job. now  back in the old depression, people started losing their jobs and became hobos. hobos once had houses and jobs. Not only did the people who lost their job become hobos but so did their familys. Lots of peoples jobs.....lost. How do we know what God for us is best? was Gods amazing plan for Rick to lose his job. I did not want this to happen to us. i keep thinking to myself: are we gonna lose the house? What if Rick has to go a long way to find a job? What if someone steals our money? it will be all gone and where will we go to live? Ricks mother and law said we are welcome to live at her house. What if the exact same thing happens to her? then where will all of us go? we could become like those hobos. Lots of rich people still have their houses and their jobs. they think "I have lots of money. i do not need God." but if they think that they'll probely lose their jobs as well. I do not know if that will happen but they probely should lose their job and their house.

That's it for WHAT'S UP NEWS.

**EDITED TO ADD: I am honestly amazed at all the negative and discouraging comments that I received on this post. I am really just dumbfounded at the ugliness of the comments that I had to delete. I didn't make this all up and pretend that a child wrote it. If you knew my daughter, you'd know what a tender heart she has and how spiritually mature she is. It just made me realize how underemployment/unemployment affects everyone in the family, not just Mom and Dad. We have seen God's faithful hand through many times of trouble and have always been open with our children about what difficulties we are facing and how God is working through them. I was both humbled and heartbroken to read these 9-year-old thoughts, but I think it was an immense opportunity to to talk about God, His ways, His plans even amidst the trials. We are thankful for the greatest dependence on God that we have ever experienced and an extravagant love from Him that knows no bounds, despite whether or not we have great jobs. ***


jessica said...

I LOVE that little girl :) It's heartbreaking and inspiring all in the same. So much wisdom! I don't seem like it but always here for u any time of day or night <3 and miss u, Caca

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Saralyn said...

Oh, Becki, waiting on the Lord for His provision at His time is what makes faith and hope real! I've been listening to some sermons on the fruit of the spirit from www.graceseattle.org that have greatly encouraged my heart and challenged me on this topic. (I highly recommend the one on patience!) God not only will care for you, He is doing so. May you and your children rest in His abundant goodness as you watch for His hand.
And BTW--tell T that you can all move in with us before you'd become hobos!

Rebecca said...

Wow. I have never received such hateful uncaring comments. I mean, just, wow. I have had to delete them because if you read my notes above the comment box, you'll see that I appreciate good discussion and truth tempered with love.

@Anonymous #1: To clear up some things, yes, it was written by a 9-year old on a typewriter. I am not "putting this" on anyone. Yes, I have applied for jobs. No, I'm not complaining about the people that get up and go to work every day. Yes, we are willing to work and do whatever we have to do.

@Anonymous #2: Yes, my husband already has a job from a family member. I don't think I'm blaming God, although He does have a hand in everything that happens. We don't necessarily have conversations in front of our children, but it has come to the point in the past where we have had to discuss, in a practical way, what we will do if we have to move. I'm not sure what you meant by "THE RICH PEOPLE ARE PAYING YOUR WAY RIGHT NOW I THINK YOU SHOULD BE THANKFUL.". How are they paying my way? If you mean that they are sharing out of their overabundance, then yes, I guess that's true. You don't know how thankful I truly am for the generosity of others and what a humbling experience it is to have to depend on the kindness of others.

stephanie said...

Are you seriously kidding me!! why is it always Anon, who leaves such disturbing comments!!

We are pretty much in the same boat as you are. My children, especially the younger ones have voiced their concerns, in much the same way as your daughter. There is a lot of wisdom in the little ones.

I always wonder what God is up to. My favorite prayer to Him begins:

OK, Where are you going with this???

Wish we were close we could form our own little commune. ha!! Well it's better than becoming a hobo!

we both are going to be fine!! God has us in His hands and He isn't going to drop us!!!

Love and hugs!!

Stephanie said...

Love you all and that sweet girl.

You know I've already offered our house too! You will have a line of houses to move to. Not a chance you'll be hobos! ;)

Peaceful Chaoz said...

Oh Bec, isn't it amazing what goes on in the minds of our children. They are growing up before our eyes and are caught in between trying to understand and with still a childs understanding. I'm so sorry you had to endure any negative comments, i know where your heart is and am astounded that anyone would think differently. I loveyou guys and am praying so hard for you!

Beckie said...

HI Becki, I stopped over here because you had shared a comment on my blog too. I read what your daughter wrote and she is very articulate with her feelings. I think people don't understand how much older children know at their age even if we try not to expose them to all of the ugliness in this world. I didn't get a chance to read the comments, but I could tell from how you replied that they were hurtful and very out of line. Your daughter has every right to feel scared, unsettled, unsure or insecure about what is happening in her life. And to be able to put her words to paper shows maturity. I pray that you don't feel upset about what was written to you by people who were too scared to leave their names. I pray that God will continue to hold you and guide you through this most uncertain time and that you will grow closer to eachother and our Heavenly Father through all of this.
God BLess you for sharing your heart.