Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Remembering the Magic- Part III

Well, we've made it to Part III. (See Part I and Part II, in case you missed them.) Today we're venturing outside of the Kingdom (*gasp*, I know) because my oldest daughter is a big whale fan. Ya know what that means?

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's have breakfast first.

:: Breakfast - Cafe Rix - Vegetable Quiche (yum) and O.J. (yum) ::

:: Believe (Shamu show!) - It took a little practice to be able to shoot the picture so I'd capture the orcas in mid-air. ::

:: Next, we drove to lunch. Just kidding. We walked. ::

:: Thank God for air-conditioning. It was so hot and humid that day. We were melting. ::

:: Smoky Ribs (yum), french fries (0), dinner roll (yum), Diet Pepsi (YIPPEE!) in a Souvenir Cup. Plastic theme park cups make great frugal souvenirs. The kids' meals were served on plastic SeaWorld plates. I'm sure many people just throw them away, but I wiped ours off and brought them home! ::

:: Shark encounter - You walk through the shark tank & you can see them swimming above and around you. ::

:: "Just keep walking swimming, just keep walking swimming...."

:: Key West area - You could reach in and touch the stingrays. Sienna desperately wanted to do it, but just couldn't bring herself to. She ended up in tears, but being the brave Mommy that I am, I helped her reach her arm in and we "petted" several stingrays together. P.S. They feel slimy. ::

:: Dinner - Wolfgang Puck Express in Downtown Disney - BLT Turkey Sandwich (yum) with Fries (yum) and Tropical Iced Tea (yum, yum) ::

:: Homemade Chips (yum) ::

:: Kid's dessert - Have you noticed a theme yet with the kids' desserts? ::

 :: Creme brulee (yum, although the creme part would've been better had it been colder) ::

That concludes Day Three. Tomorrow is our big fat shopping "rest" day. Which restaurant was so fabulous that we had to eat there twice in one trip? Stay tuned to find out.....


Peaceful Chaoz said...

This is really making me want to go with the kids!!

Saralyn said...

I've gained 10 lbs. just reading your posts!

chadandnikki said...

Wow you've made me want to leave for Orlando right now. I could drive and be there by morning for that quiche!

prashant said...

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