Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Box Day

"Box day" is the term homeschoolers use for the exciting day when new curriculum arrives in the mail. It is very exciting! Tatiana had to stop in the middle of our lessons to peruse her goodies for next year (4th grade):

And chocolate was included! It just touches this Mama's heart to see my kids so excited about the year to come. I'm sure by this time of year many students just can't wait to finish this school year, let alone get excited about the next. (Although this teacher is excited about having a long summer break!)


Peaceful Chaoz said...

I think it says a lot about the teacher when her student cant wait to start the next year ;0)
Looks like some neat things!

Anna said...

That's awesome Bec! So neat to see you teaching "home economics" too. I had to teach myself to cook and my mom always says she should have taught us. BTW, Matt keeps saying "I need to call Rick!", for weeks now, and keeps forgetting. So sorry! Do you guys still need work done on the car?