Thursday, March 04, 2010

Sew and Sew: Disney Style

It's been a really long while since my last edition of Sew & Sew. I have been doing more creating, especially lately, so I thought I'd share some of my latest projects, particularly the ones for our upcoming trip to Disney.

I picked some Disney-ish fabrics to make the each of the girls a dress. I prefer the idea of creating the 'look' of Disney, as opposed to using Disney print fabric. These two dresses only required about 4 yards total of fabric, purchased on sale of course! For Sienna's dress I used my "go-to" pattern when it comes to little girls dresses (New Look 6613). I have made probably a dozen dresses from this same pattern with 2 more planned.

 I didn't want the dresses to be exact duplicates of each other, so for Tatiana's dress I chose a slightly more grown-up pattern, which I have used once already (McCall's 5574). I love this style, particularly because of the middle bodice section which allows for lots of fabric mixing & matching. Neither of the patterns called for ruffles at the bottom, so I just measured around the bottom edge and multiplied by 1.5 to get the length (you can do x2 for a fuller ruffle).



:: frayed fabric flower from this tutorial. For lotsa fabric flower tutorials visit here ::


:: detail of Mickey heads added to the ends of the straps. I tried several different methods, but the winner was just to trace/draw a Mickey head on a double layer of fabric, then zig-zag stitch with a really short stitch length (as in applique) around the inside of the tracing, then cut away the extra fabric close to the stitching. ::


 :: appliqued Mickey head. I'm not that great at applique, but I'm improving. ::

An old pair of Target jeans get new life as Disney capris!



:: I had to open up the inside seam of the leg to put on the applique and then sew it back up again. I think they still need "something". Maybe a patchwork belt or something added to the back pockets? ::

:: And just because I couldn't resist. ::


Peaceful Chaoz said...

Wow, I'm sorry but is that sebastian? He looks so different, just something about him, grown up maybe in the couple weeks I've seen him? Crazy!

LOVE LOVE the dresses, especially Tatis, Savannah would love that style of dress, I'll have to think about breaking out the machine or maybe asking grandma ;0)

Andrea said...

I love it! Those are truly awesome. Seriously, great job! They look so cute and it's so great that they'll have a souvenir outfit that is unique, handmade, and that you didn't have to buy at the Magic Kingdom! You inspire me to keep on practicing!

Anonymous said...

Bella wants to know why Sebastian didn't get something!!!??? Boy, Spuddy does look like a big boy! Did the girls get a hair cut too? Bella says, "Don't forget to put, Love you, from Izabella and Grace"

Saralyn said...

Too cute! But it makes this old woman (embarassingly) tired to see your energy.

Jill Smith said...

You are so amazingly creative! How do you find the time? Great job!

Stephanie said...

That last picture with the 3 of them is great! Love it!

Got any suggestions on how to turn some plain green fabric into a fun Tinkerbell costume?! By THIS Saturday?!? :P