Friday, February 12, 2010

Fancy Five

Sienna turned five, so we got all fancied up. I was feeling especially creative, so some hand-made touches were an order!

We used Fancy Nancy as our theme, so we tried to make everything fancy!

:: Felt garland following this tutorial ::

:: Yes, I drew Fancy Nancy free-hand based on a image that I found on a sticker. ::

:: Fancy finger-foods ::

:: Fancy make-overs with body glitter & glittery hairspray. My brother (he'll be 30 this year!) even let me glitter his hair! ::

:: Fancy Nancy story time ::

:: Fancy homemade cake with pink frosting & white roses & sprinkles! ::

:: My fancy 5-year old ::

All photos are courtesy of Stephanie.


christina said...

abso - flippin- adorable! i am in awe of your craftiness and talent! what a treasure you are to all your babies! i so enjoyed this! :)

Beth said...

How fun!! Hats off to you...looks like you had yourself an awesome fancy birthday party!

Peaceful Chaoz said...

It was lovely!

Even the cranky one didn't want to leave ;0)

Can't believe they are getting so big, so fast!!! :0)

stephanie said...

That's my dream birthday. You're awesome!
Sienna , Happy Birthday! I'm sure it was fabulous!!

Stephanie said...

Audrey was so excited about the sparkles in her hair! She didn't want to take a bath that night for fear of washing it out! And just yesterday, she brought up when she "dressed up fancy like Cinderella". I think the party made an impression. :)