Monday, February 01, 2010

Cakes & Quakes

Our regular school routine was interrupted last week, but this week we are going to veer from our regularly scheduled program to learn about earthquakes and Haiti. We have already had some brief conversations about the devastation there, especially since the kids were asked to give some of their money at church to aid in the relief effort. Over the weekend, the littlest kids had a bake sale at church to raise money. Of course, we contributed:

:: my top-notch mixing expert ::

:: efficient & cute! ::

:: my quality control associate ::

:: everyone loves sprinkles ::

:: little fingers doing a big job ::

:: pretty & purposeful -- they were a hot-seller for the bake-sale ::

I left out the part where I tried a new sugar cookie recipe and lovingly mixed, chilled, rolled, cut, and baked and the blasted things turned out harder than a rock. Grrr. Next time, I am totally going to follow all the tips and recipes from this awesome cookie blog. But I digress.

This week we are making an earthquakes & Haiti lapbook. (Remember our first adventures with lapbooks?) I am using the free earthquake lapbook resources here and supplementing with good library books, good conversation, and good thoughts. I just love using real-life events or experiences to make learning come alive!

Have the recent events in Haiti spurred on any good conversation with your kids?


Andrea said...

This post made me smile so much! The kids are darling and your cupcakes are truly beautiful!

Bless you for teaching your kids about real-time events around the world. I haven't had any conversations with kids but with almost everyone I know. It seems this tragedy has got everyone thinking!

stephanie said...

Only you can make cupcakes that beautiful.
And talk about the earthquake, my Bella is oddly interested. We watched some video online and she saw smiling children. To her it was unbelievable that they could be smiling at such a terrible time. She can't get enough of it. Which lead to a conversation about the incredible faith these people have.
only faith can let you go on after something like this happens.

Peaceful Chaoz said...

Cute kids Cute cupcakes! ;0)

Clay has especially taken an interest in Haiti, he talks of it non stop! Maybe we could do our first laptop starting with this, that is such a great idea!

Jeana said...

Those cupcakes seriously look too good to be true!