Friday, December 11, 2009

He Provides: Thanksgiving

Enter His gates with Thanksgiving. 
-Ps. 100:4a

I keep telling myself that I really should chronicle all the unique ways that God has been providing for us lately. So, that's just what I'm gonna do. He keeps blessing my socks off more times than I can remember. I thought you'd like to come along for the ride. I'm gonna have to back track a little, just so that I can pay special attention to all the creative ways that God has "shown up" in our lives recently.

Our Thanksgiving Meal
We really didn't have any 'extra' money to spare, but we are committed to practicing hospitality (Rom. 12:13). A few weeks before Thanksgiving, we get a phone call from a friend's husband who has passed our name along to a gal at a church we used to attend. I call her and she asks if we would like a Thanksgiving turkey from the Food Pantry. (We never turn down food!) I gratefully tell her that we would love to accept this. When the day arrives for the Husband to pick up said turkey, he returns with not only a turkey but several boxes full of groceries to complement our meal. Yukon gold potatoes? Yep. Sweet potatoes? Uh-huh. Cranberry sauce? You betcha. Loaves of french bread? Yes! And canned vegetables and cake mix and muffin mix and oatmeal and cereal and stuffing. I tried to creatively plan our menu around what we received. The Husband went to donate plasma a few days before Thanksgiving (his second time that week) and got paid $30. He picked up our Thanksgiving groceries and several things for 'the house', which ended up totaling $31.20. 

An entire Thanksgiving meal. For our family, friends, and bunches of leftovers.

All for an out-of-pocket total of $1.20.

He provides, indeed.


Beth said...

AWESOME!! God is good and I love hearing other people's stories about God's provision in their lives. Our lives are rich with stories like this one.

Peaceful Chaoz said...

Thank you for sharing, I look forward to reading more! Its so neat to see Gods Hand at work!!

Jill Smith said...

It's so funny that you've posted this. I was thinking of doing the same thing! I can't tell you how many blessings we've experienced since I stopped working to be with Lily. God is good, and He does provide! I'm glad that you're sharing how He's working in you and your family's lives.