Monday, September 28, 2009

Life Lessons from the Veggies

While driving home from a friend's house the other night, our family began to break into song. This happens more than you might think around here, especially with worship songs and tunes on Christian radio. The girls started it and the parents just kinda jumped right in. It's a tune from a Veggie video called, "Where is God when I'm scared?" The part that we belted out was the chorus of song, which went like this:

God is bigger than the Boogie Man.
He's bigger than Godzilla or the monsters on TV.
Oh, God is bigger than the Boogie Man
And He's watching out for you and me.

I turned to the Husband and said, God is bigger than death {meaning Olivia's} and bigger than unemployment. After a moment of quiet I asked, Could it really be that simple? The Husband said, I think it really is THAT simple. Maybe that's what 'faith like a child' is all about. That we just take what our Father tells us and believe it 100%.

The next morning, Sunday, Hubs went for a run and after coming home said that he had a song stuck in his head the entire time. What song? God is bigger than the Boogie Man....

So, if you were a singing vegetable, how would YOUR song go? "God is bigger than _________."

Trusting the Truth that God is Bigger,


Erin said...

God is bigger than nerve damage, foreclosure...

christina said...

i don't have a witty response but i can thank you for putting that song in MY head because it's my fav. out of ALL the song on any dvd.

So are you frightened?
No, not really.
Are you worried?
Not a bit!
I know whatevers gonna happen...that God can handle it!

I'm sorry that i scared when you saw me on tv..
well, that's ok cause now i know that

love love LOVE that song!

chadandnikki said...

God is bigger than me!! Thank heavens, because I make a mess of everything. Thanks so much for posting this.

stephanie said...

I could fill that blank in with soooo many things.I really do think it's that simple, we just make it difficult, not God. Think about it, our kids believe what we tell them, they don't doubt anything, why in the world do we doubt our Father, he said he would take care of us, always be there, never abandon us.Again and again He tells us the same thing, just like we tell our children. To our children we are bigger than anything, and for us we must believe that our Father is bigger than anything.
Gee Becki, sorry about the runaway comment!But, I do believe I needed to hear that. God tries to make it so easy for us but, I for one am famous for insisting on carrying my own load.. until I'm buried under it. God is there to carry it when it gets to heavy... would we not do the same for our little ones?
Once again Becki, I needed a reminder and you did it!

Saralyn said... understanding.