Monday, January 26, 2009

Four Years and Counting

From what I recall, she came out hollerin'. Dubbed by her grandma "the world's quietest baby", she was also the earliest {continues to march to her own drummer} and the lightest {at 7# 2 oz.}.


Four years have gone by since the day we first met face to face and I can't imagine my world without her in it. God gave her an extra {and I do mean extra} dose of personality, or spunk, if you will. Laughter really does follow her wherever she goes, as the quote on her bedroom wall suggests, leaving the lives of those around her never dull.

**HI-YAH!! A little birthday karate **

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!


Erin said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Man! I haven't seen pictures of her in quite awhile now. She looks all grown up! much as you can for four years :) But her face shape is more like Tatiana's now. What a pretty girl!!!

Peaceful Chaoz said...

So Sweet! Happy Birthday!!!

Brittany said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Robbie will be 4 soon. I CANT belive how time flys. The word blink in between her baby pic and her 4 year old pic is so true!