Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Spending Habit

I'm sure it's just one of many, but I noticed something curious the other day. When I have more money, I tend to spend more. When I have less, I spend less. This should not be! What if, when I had more, I spent less! Then I really would be set! Shouldn't my spending be based on some sort of conviction or spending plan rather then the amount of money in my bank account? In a practical sense, it might go something like this:

If my budget allows, I will limit myself to one premium coffee per month {Starbucks}. Period. If my income miraculously doubles, I will still stick to this limit.

Maybe this sounds just plain ridiculous? Maybe there should be some sort of "until" in my scenario, ie. until I reach such-and-such financial goals or until my budget is in need of revision. Maybe people would think I'm crazy to "only" limit myself to X, even if I were bringing in a 6-figure salary {
I meaning my husband, in my case}. I guess I'm just thinking that when I'm making more, I could limit myself to X and Y and A through G, and occasionally H, I, J, and once in awhile K and L, oh, and M & N only on special occasions. Then I be sitting there wondering why I am poorer than when I made half as much! I'm sure it has happened to many of you who, when going from higher amounts of income to drastically lower amounts of income, asked yourself, "If only...". Now that you find yourself actually able to live on less {even cheerfully, at that *shocking, I know*} you wonder...If only I had lived on this amount when we were making more, my savings account would be bigger or my debts would be paid off or....

Anyone else tend to spend more when they have more & spend less when they have less?


penguinsandladybugs said...

Yep, I do! And it is hard, hard, hard to go "down." You get used to spending a little more, then you have to tighten your spending and it is just painful. When I read your limit of Starbucks to 1 a month....I audibly gasped. I thought it would be 1 a week....which would still be hard for me. But at about $4 a pop, it adds up!!! So, good for you! ...I need a 12 step program for Starbucks...

Anonymous said...

I totally have this problem. But am learning everyday to show restraint. Our lives will be so much better if I can continue to show restraint you know what I mean?

Tammy W said...

OF COURSE!!!! It's just nuts isn't it!

I am bestowing a blog award on you!! Hee, hee! You deserve it!!

Stop by & get it when you'd like!

Rebecca said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one!

@Penguins: Too funny! We all gotta start somewhere, even if it's a limit of one per week. I found that buying Starbucks drinks/coffee at the grocery store & making it at home helps tremendously with the withdrawls!

@Jor: Right there with ya!

@ Tammy: Thanks for the award! Hopefully I can collect it soon :>)