Monday, June 30, 2008

You Get Used to It

I've found, that whatever circumstance you're under when it comes to parenting, you get used to it. If you work outside the home, you get used to only having the kids around for a few hours at night and on the weekends. By Sunday night, you're ready to go back to work on Monday {or at least that what's people in this situation have told me}. If you homeschool, you get used to having the wee ones around most of the time. That's your norm. It kinda makes me chuckle when moms whose kids GO to school are pulling their hair out during the long summer days of having the kids home all the time. They just have a different norm. If your hubby works long hours, you probably get used to it, not having him around as much, doing what you can to manage most things on your own. If your hubby works from home, you get used to that too, an extra pair of hands for helping or another set of eyes to keep on the kiddos for a second. Until....


The rug gets pulled out from under ya. Yep. Ask me how I know. Tomorrow hubby is going to be taking his mobile office on the road as he will be going out practicing to get his CDL. He already has his permit, but needs hands-on training. Bummer for me. So I guess I just need prayer that I'll....

....get used to it.

P.S. I sent my mom an email that included this which you may find funny too:

Hubby leaving home + monthly cycle + 3 kids = crazy wigged out mommy

But I'm sure I'll get used to it.


Anonymous said...

This is SO true...

Love, skyra

Peaceful Chaoz said...

I don't think I have time to get used to anything, it always seems to be changing! And btw, I AM LOVING having my kids home, just yesturday I was like oh no only two more months and they have to go back!!

If you want some company we'd love to make the trek over or at least do something with ya! ;0)

Erin said... most everyone knows, I don't do change well. No matter if the change is good or bad or indifferent.

Having the kids home is not making my life better or worse but the change of it all gets to me.

I have always found it difficult to change my routine. Once it seems that I am getting the swing of things...something changes!

And I have found that when you have children who are school aged and used to a good amount of stimulus added to a mother who is used to being with the "baby team", things do get more complicated.

That is why we put our three oldest K's in the playground program during the mornings. It allows them to have all the outside run, play, and learn time that 3 hours can provide while I am refreshed and more organized.

So...I am sure this decision could come under criticism but it is what works for us!

Rebecca said...

I hope my post did not come off like I was criticizing any one group of people. I just remember when DH used to come home from work and be frustrated with the kids after like maybe an hour or two. I just thought it was funny because I would think, "Ok. Now add about 8 more hours to that." It is because THAT is what he was used to. It seems for me, like Erin, it is the "getting used to the new routine" part that is hard, no matter what that new routine is.

PC: Yes!! Let us make plans soon. ;>)

Erin: No, I do not look down on you for that! It is funny because last week Tatiana was at a VBS all week and I started thinking to myself, "WoW!!! This is great!! Now how many VBSs can I sign her up for in a row??" LOL, LOL!

Rebecca said...

P.S. Love you too Ky-Ky!

Anonymous said...

I think it is very well put what Erin said, getting used to a new routine. I had never looked at it that way. Everyone has to get used to it. The oldest who was at school all day, the middle who took a rest time without interuption and the youngest who now has constant entertainment. We are experiencing the whole monkey see monkey do thing here right now and I think for me, that is the challenge right now. I like change but sometimes, going from change to change to change is exhausting.