Saturday, December 08, 2007

Just stopping in.... present our newest addition!

::Sebastian Judah::

::weighing a whopping 8 pounds 15 ounces, measuring 21 inches long::

::big sisters Tatiana & Sienna are so proud::

We are all at home and doing great! I will share more about his grand arrival as time allows.
It really was miraculous {not that all births aren't}, but this one, for me, was especially special. Blessings to everyone who prayed for us before, during, and after the delivery. Thank you for covering us in prayer & lifting up my hands when I was weak. God is so good!


Erin said...

So Beautiful! And so very blessed.

I praise you GREAT GOD for your protection and plan.

I will continue to pray as these first few weeks with a new schedule and agenda are sometimes quite least they were for me!


Anonymous said...

OMG! He is so cute! I knew you would post a picture of him! Good because I couldn't wait until next weekend. I hope next Saturday is Ok with you. Let me know. I can't wait to hold him.

Andrew had his doctor appt yesterday with his first set of shots (4 of them :( )and he weighs 10lbs, 2oz. I know....he's growing way to fast.

Talk to you soon!
Love you guys! Skyra

Stephanie said...

YAAYY!! He is definitely adorable!

I'm just up the road if you need someone quick! I would be more than happy to come and hold a little one or watch them all for you, so mommy could get a quick snooze.


Saralyn said...

Congratulations! Welcome to the land of little boys!

Alisa said...

Rebecca - Congratulations to you and your family! Enjoy these newborn days, because they grow up so fast. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Oh he is so beautiful! Congratulations!!! I hope that you are able to get plenty of rest and family time...


Anna said...

What a sweet little boy. Hope you are settling in and enjoying one of the best Christmas's you'll ever have!