Thursday, December 27, 2007

Celebration Burn-out

Does anyone else get tired, I mean, tired of celebrating? And I am typically a people-person, get-together, celebrating {especially when food is involved}, kind of gal, but I am really getting holiday-weary. We celebrated with my mom, step-dad, and brother on Sunday. My mom is really the best. She brought over the entire holiday meal {ham with all the fixings} and cooked it and cleaned up afterwards, knowing I would not be able to do it with a newborn in the house. I did manage to make some spiced nuts and these to accompany the meal. {Alicia is to blame for introducing us to the Oreo Truffles. I am addicted!! I am going to make them in other flavors for as many future gatherings as possible!} The hubster, kiddos & I all took our first family photo in front of the tree, as that was the only gift my mom requested this year. {I will post it as soon as I get a chance.} Then, shortly after my mom & step-dad left, my dad & step-mom arrived to spend the nights until Christmas day. My dad did an amazing job of cooking breakfast, an awesome Christmas Eve dinner {prime rib, folks!}, and cleaning up afterwards. This *somewhat*, but not quite, made up for the fact that they let my kids open all their Christmas gifts from them on Christmas Eve morning while hubster & I were still sleeping. I. Was. Mad. But we won't spoil all the holiday cheer by "going there". On Christmas Day, my dad & his wife left in the morning & my sister-in-law arrived with my niece by mid-afternoon. I cooked Christmas Day dinner {roasted chicken, people!} and my sister-in-law got some much appreciated baby time with Sebastian. The girls went to my in-laws to spend the night last night & will be there again tonight, giving me a much needed break. Seriously. Great gift! My grandma & aunt are coming over to deliver gifts and "celebrate" tomorrow during the day {barring a snowstorm} and all the in-laws are coming over on Saturday to "celebrate". All this celebrating is tiring me out. I guess it's the combination of my parents being divorced which doubles the holiday events, added to the in-laws and all the other extended family that we are expected to celebrate with. Christmas for my family lasts, like, half the month of December. And this year, we aren't even traveling anywhere, as everyone is coming to visit us! I really can't wait until after we "celebrate" the New Year and can return to some semblance of life as usual.

Anyone else out there tired of celebrating?


javamamma said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! You have beautiful children!

Stephanie said...

Actually we have had the calmest Christmas so far. Last weekend, we went to the in-laws on Sunday...and that was it! The rest of our extended weekend, we sat at home and enjoyed each other's company just as a family of 4!

We are leaving tonight to go to my parents' for the weekend. (As long as the snow cooperates) And I'm so excited! We waited to go this weekend so we could be there the same time as my brother! Can't wait!

Hope it settles for you soon! I do understand your feeling of burn-out. This calm year for us is a serious rarity!

Erin said...

WOW! You certainly are doing a ridiculous amount of "celebrating". I don't know how you are keeping it together! I had our tree out of our house and our christmas decorations down and put away by 11 am the day after Christmas. I actually wanted to take the tree down on Christmas evening but I was too busy trying to get my livingroom back to something that resembled my home! Apparently the more kids you have the more "stuff" you seem to accumulate...DUH! So...Sean is off today and won't go back until Wednesday...I am trying to get my body back into "pre-christmas" shape and pushing onwards toward my goals! I think Sean and I are going to take some time and write down our goals for this year for our girls soon. I mentioned it to him and he didn't go "blah" so I think he is in!

Have a very RELAXED new year PLEASE??? Enjoy your newborn! My newborn is crawling and chasing my feet all over our house...almost makes me want one more!

Beth said...

I actually miss celebrating more. Our Christmas was very nice this year. We woke up and did our own thing in the morning and then went to Dan's parents for the rest of the day. I did miss seeing my side of the family though. Having a newborn around this time of the year would make everything seem more exhausting because you are exhausted already. The calm is coming...take it easy.

mama k said...

Busy Busy Girl!
We decided to just hang out at home tomorrow night because we are all partied out.

I would definitely try out a Moby type wrap if you have a new baby. It is SO comfy! I like my Hotsling, but I didn't get much use out of it until DS got to be about 4-6mos. Even at that, it is a little tough to get them just the right size IMO. (BTW, has a great rep for their pouch slings and they are much cheaper than a HS.)

PS Thanks for stopping by my blog(s)!