Sunday, April 29, 2007

You know it's warmer when....

...all the suburbanite homeowners start firing up their lawn mowers.

...I start drinking iced tea and iced chai {instead of hot tea & hot chai}. open the windows to let in the breeze. jackets!

...lemonade is really refreshing.

...flip-flops are {really} appropriate {as opposed to my wearing them when the weather is frigid}. socs with my Crocs ;>)

...I feel like hanging my clothes out on a line {even though I don't have a clothesline}. plan outdoor field trips, like the zoo!

...{insert your answer here}


Beth said...

Your grill runs out of gas from the constant use. (ours did on Saturday)

Anonymous said...

You wish you had a grill (LOL) ;0)

Rebecca said...

I was going to mention grilling, but I do it even with snow on the ground. I *love* my grill!

Anonymous said...

You and your neighbor look at eachother and say, "Hey, it is a nice night want to do a fire pit and grill?" Then you spend the next 3 hours watching the kids play and enjoying the smell of burning wood while outside. NOt really having any desire to go inside cause it is nicer outside.

You can hear your sweet little neighbor girl singing at the top of her lungs about her day!!!!!!!!!!!

PLUS!!!!! Kids can be outside all day too


Erin said...

You hear your neighbor ask your dh if you want to come over for a "bon-fire" to which dh says "ok" and then proceeds to watch the neighborhood boys nearly set our precious girls on fire with their burning sticks!

Thought I would throw in our idea of a fun fire night! Needless to say...dh brought the girls in before the "bonfire" was done. Good move on his part!

Oh...and I wish I had a cute neighbor girl to listen to singing...but instead I have a drunk middleage boxed dye job woman who yells for her cat to come in all day! FUN!

Beth said...

...Your nicor bill is only $30 and will continue to drop! Comed on the other hand with soar to new heights.