Monday, March 19, 2007

Celebrating 100 days...

We are celebrating the 100th day of school this week!! Hip, Hip, Hooray!! Since we only school 4 days per week, it has taken us a little longer than the public schools to reach the 100th day. Today Tatiana made herself a crown to wear all week & I inscribed it with the words, "I survived 100 days of Kindergarten."

Of course, what's good for the goose is good for the gander, so we made little peanut a crown too that says, "Future Homeschooler".

The books I have picked out for this week are:

Mrs. Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th day of Kindergarten {read this one on Monday~perfect intro for this week!!}
100 Hungry Ants
The Wolf's Chicken Stew {read this one yesterday}
I'll Teach My Dog 100 Words {read this one yesterday}
Centipede's 100 Shoes

Yesterday we all made signs to hang on the homeschool wall that said what we each could eat 100 of. {Tatiana: 100 pizzas & 100 ice cream cones, Sienna: 100 french fries, Me: 100 cups of Chai, Rick: 100 hershey kisses} Here we are the happy students with their 100 Cheerio necklaces {ok, well by the time Sienna's was done it had about 90-something}:

I also have planned to discuss what life was like 100 years ago, make a list of what $100 could buy, see how far 100 steps takes us from our house, & end the week with a celebration with 100 balloons and a 100 piece snack {after which I should probably do 100 sit-ups}! It will be a fun last week of school before Spring Break. As for April, I am planning a "Easter" unit study for the first week {if I can get my act together, book recommendations anyone??} and we will be doing animal-related
FIAR books for the rest of the month, capped off by a trip to the zoo on April 27th with my wonderful mother. I just love having school relate to other activities in our lives, especially since spring is {officially} here & al the little creatures are coming out to play. Makes so much sense that way!

I am already excited about the next school year & making plans for what sort of things to cover. I am thinking of adding cursive handwriting, some sort of creative writing/journaling, spanish & history. Sound like too much for a first-grader? We probably would not cover everything, everyday. For history I really like the idea of TruthQuest & using real books to teach. I especially like how this curriculum is about God's Hand throughout history. It seems like real books make things come alive for a child in a way that textbooks never can. Just yesterday we were reading the book Knitting Nell {about a girl who loves to knit!} and in one scene she is hugging a sheep. I asked Tatiana why she would do that. She said because wool comes from sheep & yarn is made from wool. {Insert jaw drop here.} I'm sure she remembered this from another awesome book we studied called "A New Coat for Anna". It was really cool. Well, we are off to homeschool group now for some friends, learning & fun. Hope everyone is having a lovely week!


Rick said...

love the pic's, especially in the am before work.

Anonymous said...

Look at those cuties!! What fun!