Thursday, January 11, 2007

My inquiring mind wants to know..... involved your husband is in your daily life. Does he know what your daily "routine" is like with the kids? Does he know where you are going at times, even if he is not home? If you homeschool, could he do a day of homeschooling without you? Does he know what brand of laundry detergent you use? Do you wish he were more involved? LESS involved {LOL}?

Who runs the "routine" when both of you are home? I struggle with trying to submit to what my hubby wants to do & still try and keep the household running smoothly at the same time!


Jori said...

My hubby is extremely involved in the daily life of me the household nad the kids. He knows what kind of Laundry detergent we use or at least what i like to use. He totally could run this household without me he may even do a better job at times than I do. I find though that if he makes a decision that I necesarily would not have made (for example if Abbey is mean to Andrew by inviting him up to her room to play than shutting her door, on him she has to play with him for ten minutes.) DH may not follow that completely so I keep my mouth shut and when the kids are out of ear shot I may mention something depending on my mood that day. It definetely helps now that he has email cause than I can email him and tell him the goings on of the day. I don't really have to submit to him differently when he is home for our parenting styles and thoughts are pretty much the same. So yes, he is helpful, wonderful and extremely involved. I think he is the perfect amount of involved it works!!!! We both run the routine when he is home he knows what time they eat, take naps however Daddy is the higher figure so if he says no and I say sure, Daddy wins and than we talk about it later. (Depending on what the No or Yes was for!!!) Abbey is definetely starting to PLAY us so we have to be careful

Anonymous said...

Not too many moms have their dh's home with them everyday. Because of our current circumstances I do. With that being said...Sean contributes to 50% of our daily routine. If I need to go to the dr., store etc., I know that he will chip in without arguement. He is extremely involved with the child rearing and household duties and knows the laundry detergent, cloth diapering routine, and dish soap that I we use. He often goes shopping for me b/c for some reason lately I don't want to go to the grocery store. I actually am wondering just how our girls will react when he is able to get back to a regular work schedule. Kierstin doesn't know life without daddy available all the time, and I wonder if him going to work plus the change of the new baby will be overwhelming for her. That is a whole different issue and we will tackle that one when we have to. I do find that dh's temper is slightly more rigid when he has been home all the time. I suppose that most men who want to be working would get a little edgy when they are faced with being home all the time. He really is struggling with wanting to get back to work vs. being able to work. He knows that he can't right now b/c the pain is too severe but he would also like to feel like he is providing in a more traditional way for his family.

Beth said...

My man is totally involved but it hasn't always been this way. After we had Kaitlyn, I pretty much did everything and it was because I didn't think that he could do as good of a job as I did. Once Landon came 14.5 months later, it forced me to give some control over. He knows the routine around the house and other than not being so neat and tidy around here, he keeps things running pretty good. When we are both home I find myself being a little overly strict with the schedule when Dan is wanting to rough house with the kids a little longer or whatever. On nights that I work, I don't know why I am still so surprised when I come home and my house is picked up, the dishes are done, and the kids are sound asleep in their beds. Makes me thankful for the wonderful man that God created me for!

Hollie said...

I am very blessed to have a husband who is very involved in the daily life of our kids and our household. Mostly due to the fact that I work a part time job during the day and he is home with the kids. When it is time for him to go to work I take over. This schedule is very hard because it is not often that we get to work as a team at home, therefore household chores are done by both of us. He knows how to run the washer, dryer, and even the dishwasher! If he sees something that needs to be done, he’ll do it! I think the only thing I do all of the time is dinner (and that's probably for the best!) We like to take full advantage of his days off and do things as a family. He knows the in’s and out’s of running the house and I am very grateful for everything that he does for our family!

P.S. Oh and ladies… he’s probably the only guy that will admit that being a stay-at-home mom is a tough full time job ;o)

Skyra said...

My husband is very involved in the daily life of me, the household and Jacob.
He does the laundry, dishes, mop and sweep's the floor, makes dinner twice a week, vaccums, change our bedding, wash the dogs, even cleans the stove!!! He's great -- and I love him even more because he doesn't want me to do it alone. He knows that with us both working FULL time that I can't do it all by my self.
What impressed me the most was yesterday he had to do inventory so he worked from 11pm to 9am this morning. He decided that on the way home from work (which he was suppose to go to sleep when he got home)that he wanted to pick up Jacob from the babysitter's because he wasn't that tired. So, he picked up Jacob and played with him in the morning and they both took a nap in the afternoon until I got him at 3pm then I took over. I was amazed that he did this!
Because Matt is so involved I think this is why are family is so strong.

Beth said...

I LOVE it when women brag about their husbands instead of talk about all the things that he doesn't allow them to do, how they wish he'd stay home and spend time with the kids more often, and everything that he doesn't do for them! I hope we all go the extra mile for our men tomorrow to show them just how much we appreciate them!

Anonymous said... depends on what you mean by "go the extra mile" ;)

DON'T YOU DARE TALK TO MY HUSBAND ABOUT THIS!!! HA! He would tease me about it all day!

Rebecca said...

I'm glad so many husbands are really involved! Sounds like you girls all snagged some great men. Here is my own answer to the question. Rick likes to know our comings & goings just so he can "stay in the loop". We direct connect one another occasionally throughout the day. He knows what kind of laundry detergent we use now {homemade!} but I think is a little oblivious to what other groceries we typically buy. As long as the cupboards are full, it doesn't matter much. He usually helps around the house by taking out the trash, sweeping the kitchen frequently, or helping with the dishes {if I ask}. He is NOT a CLEANER. I would never catch him cleaning a toilet or dusting or changing sheets! He DOES handle the finances though, which is a big load off of me. I try to let go when he doesn't do things exactly the way I would have or gently guide him if it is something that needs to be consistent {like discipline}.

Rebecca said...

Jori: I'm so glad that DH is so extremely involved & I always loved when Rick had email too. It made me feel like he was so much more a part of things since I could always let him know everything that was going on.

Erin: I'm sure staying home has given DH a renewed sense of appreciation for everything you do to keep the household running. The girls must be so happy to have their daddy around whenever they want him!

Beth: I came home last night to find the house all picked up & was really grateful I didn't have to do it myself. I know how ya feel!

Hollie: Your situation is so unique that I'm sure it has really caused you to depend a lot on one another. Your household just wouldn't work without the two of you working together. I'm sure he has a different perspective now on being a SAHM!

Skyra: I always knew Matt would take great care of you! Remember when we went to see Rachel & you were telling me all about him? I'm so proud to have him in our family.

I am so thankful for Rick too. The longer we are married, the more I can see why God has put us together. It is really amazing. I just *love* that there is no one else I would rather be with or who would fit me more perfectly!