Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Letter for Laughs

If a conversation I had yesterday were a letter instead, it would've read something like this:

Dear {mostly} Wonderful Husband,

Please excuse the fact that I haven't brushed my teeth since vomiting sixteen times on Tuesday and I hope you can overlook that I haven't showered in nearly two days either. Despite my various odors, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you. Thank you for being willing to take me to the ER when I thought I was dying from the stomach flu. I know you weren't too happy about it. When we got in the car at 8 pm and I asked if you were mad at me, you answered, "It is what it is." Your willingness is a big improvement. At least I wasn't reduced to calling a distant relative to come and pick me up to take me to the hospital like I have almost had to do in the past. Perhaps after another eight years of marriage, you will be able to treat my serious illnesses with a little more sympathy.
I asked you why you have never gotten the stomach flu and you just chuckled. Although it is not something I would wish on my worst enemy {ok, or just someone I don't like}, I almost wish that you could have just a small case of it so you could finally empathize. Believe me, alternating sitting hunched over the toilet with lying in bed with a nauseous tight twisted stomach is last on my "Things I Love to Do List". But I digress. Thank you also for your concern over continuing to eat at my favorite little pasta restaurant, which you accuse of giving me food poisoning when I went out with my girlfriends on Monday night. {I know you're convinced it was those danged shrimp they put in my pasta even though I didn't order them.}

Your nursing skills and bedside manner are improving with each bout of sickness and I look forward to the day when you'll arrive at my bedside with a bowl of chicken soup and the latest scrapbooking magazine.

Your Still Recovering Wife

P.S. You did earn a lot of Husband Points last night when I woke you up at midnight because our 2 year old had left a PILE of vomit in her crib. Thank you for changing her sheets and even *gasp* starting the washing machine with all the dirty items. I appreciated all the air freshener you sprayed and sprinkled on the carpet as well. See, improving all the time!


Beth said...

Becki, I actually almost called you on Tuesday because I just had a feeling that you might have the flu. I kept thinking about you and praying that you would either not get it or that God would give you strength. Hang in there! The stomach flu is a very yucky thing. Praying for you and your fam!

Anonymous said...

Weird! How did you know she had the flu? Did she progressively get greener and I didn't notice or did she say something? Hmmmm...just shows how observant I am! I didn't get sick and I ate two different things(then again I didn't eat the shrimp).

I hope you feel better soon...and maybe just maybe your dh will get a taste of the flu!

alicia said...

Continuing to pray for you and the rest of the bunch!! ;0)

skyra said...

I think you are pregnant...

Rebecca said...

Thank you for all of your prayers {whether intuitively or not}! I'm sure it helped, although I can't imagine feeling any worse than I already did.

Erin: I am so offended that you didn't notice how green I was. I mean, I was like dark forest green by the end of the night. Right, Beth?

Skyra: Ha. I would throw something at you if we were together. You know why that is not possible, same reason why it ain't possible for you, girl. I love you!