Monday, December 11, 2006

Party of 12, please

So on Saturday evening we went out to dinner with the in-laws {as opposed to the out-laws...LOL}. Dear husband & children had spent the day with them and I just ending up meeting them at the restaurant after a long day of driving around for my part-part-part-time job. {What else would you call a job that you only do once every 3 months??} Anywho, dear *cough* in-laws choose the venue: Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar. Or as my friend Justine says it's affectionately called: B-Dubbs {short for B-uffalo and 2 Ws}. In case you have never been there, this post will serve as an informative review. I took it upon myself to call ahead to see if 1) they accept reservations and 2) if they can accommodate parties of 12. No to #1 and Yes to #2. I get there early to stake claim to a table. In-laws finally arrive and we're seated. It cozy seating arrangement. Here is a run-down of pros & cons:

Pro: Awesome buffalo wings! If you are a buffalo wing lover, this place is a must. They've got about a dozen sauces to choose from ranging from mild to blazing near seizure inducing hot.
Con: If you are not a buffalo wing lover, um, you'll be snot out of luck. They do have some chicken sandwiches, wraps and ribs so maybe you could order one of those. Also, limited selection for "healthy" diners.

Con: Aforementioned limited menu {which I hardly care about since I am a carnivore & love bbw, ribs, and burgers. Also I did not like that the sandwiches did not come with a side. You would think that I could order a boneless wings meal basket, but alas, NO. It's a la carte baby. I guess you can get the basket deal at lunch, but not at dinner. I don't even really like restaurants where a salad doesn't come with my entree *cough, Applebee's, cough, cough*, so to not get a side was ridiculous.

Con: Depends on what you're looking for whether this is a con or not, but atmosphere is more bar-ish. Kinda loud with big screen TVs everywhere~I guess if you're a sports fan you put plunk this down in the "pro" column.
Pro: I doubt the intoxicated patrons will mind rowdy children.

Pro: Service was good. Didn't have to wait for a table {5:15 pm on a Saturday night}. And they seemed accommodating.

Now back to our feature presentation. I ordered the boneless wings with some Asian type sauce & they were freakin' awesome. I mean, delish. Spicy in all the right ways. The other thing I liked is that they had a nice selection of kids meals. Figures that we ended up ordering 4 mac & cheeses. The funny thing about a party of 12 is that when a typical table would maybe need just one or two more things, like extra napkins or a side of some kind of sauce, when you multiply that by about 4 the requests are as long as Santa's "nice" list.
Um, waitress! Could you please bring 2 sides of hot sauce, some tartar sauce, a lemon wedge and some extra silverware? Ok, now that you've returned with that, we need another Corona, a diet coke refill, and one more straw.....
It was actually quite comical. {I began wondering about families who, in and of themselves, are parties of 10 or 12. Do you call ahead everywhere you go? Do you even go out to dinner that often?} They also had these little handheld video trivia game thingys where you compete against other diners answering questions broadcast on a couple of the TV screens. This kept the kids nearly endlessly occupied which was great for the big people. Until that is, dear father-in-law was having a coronary over the kids dropping them, so that put a kabosh on that. All in all, it was a very enjoyable meal. And if I ever in the mood for buffalo wings, which is strangely often, I know where I am headed. Care to join me?


Anonymous said...

Your dinner sounds like a lot of fun! I'm not a wing person myself, but any place that will hand out a mini-video game to occupy the kids gets my approval. Provides the grown-ups with a bit of downtime...

Anyway, I stumbled on your blog a few days ago and I really enjoy reading your posts!
Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

Gots to be honest...I HATE THAT PLACE!!! I could think of a million choices that for me would just be better. Wings to me...gross. I don't exactly like eating with my finger, so getting my fingers "slimy" while definatly out of the question.

Now...if we are the topic of restaurants that I am dying to get to...for some reason. I want to go to Chili's. I haven't been in so long(I think the last time was with mom's group), and I am dying for Chili's. Also...Noodles. Love them. So if we are going on a date, I would prefer someplace else!


Rebecca said...

Chloe: glad you found me! It's actually a trivia game for adults, but the kiddos thought that they were playing. Entertaining nonetheless.

Erin: I am not a wing person really, I only like the boneless wings, so I never did get my fingers dirty. Knife & fork all the way. Does that mean you don't like ribs either? Yes, I love chilis too. one reason being that have awesome side salads. any restaurant that has that good of side salads is good in my book. you know noodles is always good in my book. especially since i almost always get a good x-employee discount. how is the pregnancy going? cravings?

Anonymous said...

Thanks to this blog...Sean and I went to Chili's last night. I did have a side salad with ranch to go along with my country fried steak. I forgot how reasonably priced Chili's was. And I do like ribs but I like boneless ribs better and really if ribs were on a menu...I wouldn't order them. I would go for a steak.

About the pregnancy. Ha...I have terrible cravings...for anything pastry! It is crazy because I actually got sick while eating a salad early on. Hard to believe that I am 20 weeks on Saturday... time flies when you are in denial!



alicia said...

Love WINGS!!! My cousin is A BW3's FAN! I would love to go with ya sometime, I also like their cheese fries!! I guess the whole healthy eating thing is the last thing on my mind right now huh!! LOL!! Gots to gets me some will power!!! :0)

Jori said...

I love love love the Teriyaki wings, Alyssa used to bring them to me every Tuesday night when she was in high school so I am in when you all go!!!!


alicia said...

oh yea by the way in answer to your question about big parties, often having one of 11 (my family) I think I actually for the most part tend to get in much quicker with a bigger party than a smaller one for some odd reason! We will call ahead if we can but more often than not because my dear hubby likes to just relax at home, we usually order out with my family! Anyway that's just what we do!!