Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Let there be pickets!

Rome wasn't built in a day and neither, apparently, was my fence. But finally, today, the first picket was screwed into place, followed by about 30 more. It is amazing to see it finally take shape. Rick's deadline is Saturday for fence completion, which, even he does not finish by then it will not be for lack of trying. So much of our free time has been spent in the yard. I can not wait to just be able and sit back and enjoy the scenery. No more icky weed garden. No more looking out the back at unsaid neighbor's unsightly fence. No more worrying about kiddos wandering into another person's yard. It will be so nice once we get the swingset in place & make a small firepit to enjoy on those brisk fall evenings. Can't wait to enjoy the smell of campfire in my OWN backyard. NICE. Maybe some of you faithful readers can join us sometime for some s'mores roasted over an open fire. I know that day is lurking out there somewhere in the future. As a famous Roman once said, "Brick by brick, my dear citizens, brick by brick."

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alicia said...

ohhh! you actually made me long for fall the way you were talking, well that didn't last long but it does sound nice, having a real back yard!! :0) Maybe someday we'll have one too!!