Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I vividly recall last winter. Driving down country roads cocooned in grey clouds. Overcast skies matching a slightly frigid heart. I clung to winter knowing that Spring represents life, cheer, sunshine and the last thing I was feeling was sunny. And now, it's happening again. Change. The thermometer slowly creeping up, the world around me thaws. I thaw. Slush and mud will soon turn to green teeming with life that has been hidden within and beneath. Blue skies reappear, although, they've been there all along. It's just that now the clouds are parting.

And this year I've found that I'm clinging less. I did relish the last grey day. My bits of melancholy will always find a home in the winter. And although with Spring comes haunting memories, I am looking forward. Ahead. To another season, more growth, blue skies, and blinding sunshine. To a full heart, joy unexplainable, blessings aplenty.

I'll probably even smile and put on my sunglasses.


stephanie said...

I don't know how to spell the sound of a kiss, but i'm sending you a big one now! I'm proud of you!!
mmmmmmm - wah , that's the best I could do.

Ang said...

I think someone needs to figure out a way to have a "like" button on blogs. Because when I don't know what else to say, a "like" button seemes to do the trick. It says, "I've read this. I'm thinking of you. I agree. I understand. I didn't experience the same thing so I can't relate but I want you to know that I care. I hear you." All that from a "like" button when I'm afraid that my words may be inadequate.