Friday, January 07, 2011

How I Spent My Christmas Vacation

surfing the net

completing a BIG custom etsy order

eating too much

resting too little

wrapping presents

cleaning up after aforementioned presents

assembling (and re-assembling) a large wooden train table

refinishing a buffet (!!)

painting the hallway

candy-making extravaganza with one of my Besties


Christmas day at a waterpark resort up north

breaking in our new Wii

driving around town to obtain accessories for said Wii

loving on my children

stealing precious moments with the Husband

cooking a gourmet meal with another Bestie for New Year's Eve

enjoying an appetizer feast on New Year's Day

a visit to the cemetery





Ang said...

sounds like a great Christmas break

Anna said...

What color did you paint the hallway? and by the way I love the bedroom furniture that you painted in another post.

Rebecca said...

@Ang: Thanks for stopping by!

@Anna: It was "custom" mixed paint....meaning I had a tiny bit of a straw yellow left over and I mixed that with about 3 quarts of white that I found in the basement. It really is just is a pale cream, but it made a huge difference because there was writing all down the sides of one wall and the hallway looked just plain dirty.