Monday, January 04, 2010


Why I Neglect My Blog

1. Because I don't feel like I have anything exciting to say.

2. Because I wonder if you tire of hearing about my journey through grief.

3. Because sometimes I just need a break from the online world.

4. Because I am inundated with frantically sewing my Christmas gifts, along with attending multiple family gatherings.

5. Because I feel like sometimes I'm a kill-joy.

6. Because I can't decide if I should post about cooking or sewing.

7. Because, do you really need to read another Merry Christmas/Happy New Year post? Seriously.

8. Because not posting is better than a post titled "UNhappy New Year".

9. Because I'm busy thinking about my goals for 2010 and don't want to post until I have them all figured out.

10. Because I'm too content to be reading good books, drinking amazing homemade Chai, playing with the kids, joking with the husband, preparing to attend a smashing wedding, and endlessly planning my next craft project.


chadandnikki said...

Definitely keep blogging. I love reading what you are doing. It helps me remember that grief has layers.

Andrea said...

cute post, Bex! Now what's this about an amazing Chai recipe? Can you send it to me?

I love your blog in all it's "layers." Happy, sad, is a fun way to get to know some of the snippets that make up your life.

Love to you and family today!

Stephanie said...

LOL! Let's not talk about neglecting our blog...

stephanie said...

OK.I'm only going to accept number ten!!!!!

Jill Smith said...

Please share your homemade chai recipe and please keep blogging. I enjoy your blog! It's so real!

Ebe said...

I seriously have to remind myself why I blog ALL the time!

My husband always tells me that I blog to the glory of God, just like I do anything else.
It helps me keep going...

I completely understand not blogging though...there's so much to do in real life!!

love and prayers tonight,

Monica said...

Posting about your grief is just keeping things real and raw and honest. It has been the best therapy for me. Your family is so different from mine and it is fun to see a different way to raise a family. I don't think I could home school and I really enjoy reading about how you do it! Cooking, sewing, ect I would love to be able to do so I enjoy reading about that also. Just post what you want, we will be here to read!