Monday, August 24, 2009

Hair Candy

It has been quite the stressful week, to put it mildly. Thankfully not particularly grief related stress, but more business/financial stress. That and we dove into our homeschooling year with a 3rd grader and a newly crowned preschooler. What's a girl to do when the stress-o-meter is in the red zone? A whole lotta prayin' of course!

But a little crafty project doesn't hurt either and since I've been wanting to make some of these 'boutique-style hairbows' for quite a bit now, this seemed like the perfect time to do it. I headed over to Hobby Lobby where all the ribbons where 50% off to get some supplies. Armed with a slew of tutorials from this website, a good chick flick, and my design consultant (a.k.a. world's best sister-in-law), I was ready to get creative!

The results?

:: close-up ::

:: the daughters & my niece 'putting their heads together' ::

Some of the ribbon folding (or in my case, finnagling) was a little trickier than I expected, but I muddled through. Unfortunately, one of my creations came a little 'undone' the next day, which I consider a lesson to be learned. The whole idea is a totally-over-the-top accessory that is the icing on the cake of a cute outfit or cute kid, as it were.

I really do love these. Love 'em. I was especially tickled that my four-year-old was just delighted throughout the day to have it in her hair. She even requested to wear it again when we went out later that night. I can't wait to make more, but am waiting until the ribbons go on sale again, of course!

And since I've really felt the love from your comments lately, I am giving one away! This creation (slightly different than the ones above) can be yours for a sweet little girl in your life.

It is attached to a metal french clip, so your girlie would have to have some hair to clip it to (or maybe save it for when she has enough)! Simply leave your name in the comments section to enter. You have until Tuesday at midnight to comment and I will announce the winner on Wednesday morning.

Good luck!


Stephanie said...

I noticed Sienna's big bow in her hair yesterday and thought it looked adorable!

My sister and mom are the bow makers of our family... somehow I missed out on that gene. :-P

Erin said...

me, me, me, Erin, me!!!!! And if you consider selling them...I would definatly put in an order! I need some more bitty bows too...

stephanie said...

Becki their lovely. You're so stinkin' crafty!

Anna said...

You really should start your own little business. Ya, know...with all the free time you have, in between home schooling, changing diapers, cooking, and housework. ;)You're so talented. Do you have etsy?

Peaceful Chaoz said...

Got a couple little gals here who would be delighted ;0)

Jeana said...

I am so impressed! Those are 10 times cuter than anything you can find in the store. Can't wait to see the next batch.

Heather said...

I would love to give this to my girly girl nieces...although I agree that you might need to sell them. The girls are twins and sometimes it is hard to give just one of something...they both want it at the same time!

Think about you often.

diana, gene, ashley and jessica said...

Hi Becky love the girls bows and love the blog . Gene and I have been reading your blog and god bless and we love you guys . You always were so creative I wish we could play rei baseball for old time sake . Trying to learn about the blog . love Diana